The good the bad and the ugly are all-front and center on tonight’s episode of Nashville. Deacon and Rayna take a stroll down memory lane, Scarlett makes a choice about her career and Teddy learns who is really out to ruin him.

There was some serious star power in the episode titled “Just For What I Am.” Hello, Zac Brown and Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts. But as it turns out, they were small potatoes compared to the star power of the characters on Nashville. There were some tough decisions made tonight and the effects will last probably at least another episode or two. 

The Real You 

The haters continue to hate on Juliette this time they take down her tour. Thanks to some pissed off fans and scary threats, the remaining venues on her tour cancel. Yes this is all still from her god comment. Hot on the heels of that not-so-great news, she learns some radio stations are now refusing to play her music. You can thank Jeff for that last bit of news. He of course is so not supportive of Juliette’s troubles. He is worried about Edgehill, shocker. In fact, he says some pretty harsh things to her “trailer trash hiding under a pile of sequins” and “you should thank God for our good fortune, not deny he exists.” 

It was when he called her untalented that really hit Juliette the hardest. Jeff makes it abundantly clear that she will apologize for what she said or she is dunzo. His visit drives her to drink heavily. Thankfully, Avery is there to save the day and prove she is talented. The two hit the streets to sing, literally. Juliette in a disguise and Avery with his guitar have a good old street jam session. They even manage to make some money. Finally seeing faces smile at her brings about a change for Juliette. In the end, she decides to have Avery write a song with her. Doesn’t look like Jeff is going to get that apology he was looking for. 

Another Day In Nashville 

Deacon is offered a recording contract, but he thinks it’s a crappy contract. Rayna goes to Deacon for help writing a hit single for her album. The two very quickly slip back into a comfy old pattern while taking a trip down memory lane. In no time at all, they write a brand new song that sounds like a winner. 

Jay DeMarcus, of Rascal Flatts asks Gunnar to write a song with him. The two run into each other in the lobby of a building. Obviously Gunnar agrees and the duo spent the afternoon making music. However, Zoey is less than thrilled when Gunnar blows her off for his career once again. Later she tries to talk him about it and the two end up in a big fight. She wasn’t really being needy, he was kind of being selfish. And he did compare her to Scarlett – not a good thing to do. 

Scarlett performs the song “Free” with Zac Brown Band at a music festival. She kills it, skyrocketing her career even further. However, the pressure is on she is run ragged with publicity commitments. Bucky pressures her about writing for Kelly Clarkson, but she stands by her decision. But she does finally spill what went down and why she can’t write with Gunnar. That brings up the big Ball & Chain party to which Bucky makes it pretty clear Scarlett needs to attend despite her Gunnar issues. 

Teddy learns that Peggy’s killer’s family is claiming the man was innocent and murdered. He committed suicide, allegedly, but the family is fighting it saying there was wrongdoing of some sort. The lawyer representing the disgruntled employee’s family is Deacon’s ladylove Megan. Teddy confronts her and learns they have losing someone in common, as well as just what company the man used to work for. You guessed it; the company was a subsidiary of one of Lamar’s companies. The pieces fall in place and now Teddy believes Lamar tried to off him.

Party Time 

Ball & Chain is number one and it is party time. The honoree is Gunnar but Rayna makes sure everyone knows Scarlett helped collaborate. Lots went down at the party. Luke and Rayna reunite. Scarlett learns Deacon and Rayna are writing together again. She lashes out at Rayna about using Deacon but really it’s because of her issues with Gunnar. Luke and Deacon chat about Deacon’s record deal. Luke likes seeing Deacon in the spotlight. Also that most record deals starting out suck. After hearing what Scarlett and Luke had to say, both Deacon and Rayna agree they shouldn’t write together anymore. Deacon signs the contract. 

Gunnar runs into Jay, who is with his wife. The group talks music and personal life, Jay’s wife gives Gunnar some insight on how to make time for both. Gunnar leaves the party to find Zoey. He apologizes, talks about all these great opportunities blah blah blah. They make up after she reveals she will be there even if music isn’t. 

Decision Time 

Rayna has a heart to heart with Scarlett about whether or not she really wants to be in music. She needs to know that for Scarlett all the exhausted days and nights, run ins with ex-boyfriends and publicity are worth putting up with in order to have her career. After some soul searching, Scarlett admits she never wanted to be a singer, but there is nothing like being on stage. She calls it magic and lets Rayna know all that other crap is worth it to have the magic. Scarlett made her choice, but can she really deal with all the pressure? Rayna and Luke decide to take their relationship public. They’re going to tell the kids, go out together, even have a ridiculous celebrity nickname. Guess we get to find out what that is next week.

Nashville airs Wednesday’s on ABC at 10PM. 

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