Suits picks up right where it left off last summer. Daniel Hardman is gone from the firm, but he left a huge wake behind. What price will Louis pay for his loyalty to Hardman?

When we last saw Mike, he was self-destructing due to his grandmother’s death. Will he be able to save his relationship with Rachel? Or, will his indiscretion with his married childhood friend be too much to overcome?

Unfortunately in “Blindsided,” Harvey and Mike take on a case that causes the associate to go down memory lane and only further cements that he is all alone without any family.

Suits returns on Thursday, January 17 at 10 pm ET on USA.

#6 Mike in his unique uniform

Mike in his unique uniform

#5 Louis introduces his potential new associate, Maria, to Donna.

#4 Donna chats with Maria.

#3 Louis deals with the aftermath of his support for Hardman.

#2 Mike struggles to deal with life

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