USA’s Monk may be on hiatus until January but that doesn’t mean that the network can’t give its fans a treat this holiday season.  Tonight, the Emmy Award-winning comedy drama will be airing a brand new episode entitled “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa,” which is expected to deliver its usual brand of silly humor with a Christmas twist.

In “Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa,” Monk becomes a social pariah when he finds himself in a showdown with Santa Claus.  Comedy ensues as he attempts to foil for a larger criminal plot just in time for Christmas.

Like other episodes, this episode typically features Monk as he attempts to stop a crime.  On the other hand, the Christmas-twist sees Monk in a sidesplitting situation as he suspects a man who dresses up as Santa as the bad guy but instead of coming out as a hero, the law-breaking Santa ends up winning over the public as he chucks a bunch of toys off a roof and into a crowded street. Monk and Santa eventually get into a scuffle and the Santa ends up getting shot.  Now, Monk has to prove his innocence since the media thinks that Monk is some kind of Scrooge for shooting Santa.

For those who are not familiar, Monk is a series starring Tony Shalhoub as the titular character, Adrian Monk, a private detective afflicted by Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and multiple phobias. Despite his various quirks, he is considered as a brilliant homicide detective that has solved a number of difficult cases.  The cast also includes Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford, and Stanley Kamel.

If you’ve been missing your favorite neurotic detective, you’ll probably enjoy this special episode. Catch Adrian Monk as he comes to blows with Santa tonight at 9/8c on the USA network.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: USA network
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Kris De Leon

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