On tonight’s episode of FX’s The Strain, Eph finally comes face to face with The Master, the leader of the vampires currently running amok in New York City.

Viewers have only gotten one scene in the past where they’ve seen The Master for an extended amount of time, let alone hear him speak in more than just the whispers newly turned vampires including Eph’s wife. But in tonight’s episode, “The Third Rail,” you’ll get a long look at him and hear what he has planned for Eph.

To learn more about The Strain’s The Master, I spoke with the main behind “his” voice, Robin Atkin Downes. Here’s what we discussed.

How would you describe The Master to someone who hasn’t seen the show yet?

Spoiler alert! He is one of Seven Ancient Vampires who seeks to remake the world in his own dark image. He uses his telepathic powers to control those that have been infected with his blood. He is extremely powerful and ruthless in his quest for world domination.

How did you first get cast as The Master?

I went through a series of auditions experimenting with different dialects and creature sounds. I tried to show the producers of the show that I was capable of many levels for the character.

How did you come up with the distinct voice you use for The Master?

Mix one part parasite. Two parts Ancient Vampire. Dash of Vomit. Add Chilled blood. Garnish with a white worm. Drink and then throw up the contents while talking.

Are you familiar at all with the source material–the comics?

Yes. I have a pile of them in my studio. I researched the role by studying up with the books and comics. It’s a fantastic story with great characters!

Are there two or three fun teases you can give me for the rest of the season?

No can do. But keep watching. It keeps getting better!

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Any advice for people that want to get into voice acting?

Check out the competition before you take the dive. Go to Voicebank.net to listen to all the demo reels from VO agencies. Then if you think you have the skills, hire a great producer for your demo. Go after a great VO agent and fulfill your dream!

I think I’ve read in a past interview you’ve almost voiced Batman–any other famous characters you’d love to do the voice for?

I have been very fortunate to voice many famous characters. I think I’m most proud of new characters I’ve voiced that have become popular: Travis Touchdown, The Medic, Talbot, Conrad Roth and now The Master.

What’s been one of your favorite roles to date?

Voicing the Master. It’s a milestone for me. I’m working with extremely talented creators and actors on a great project!

If there’s one role people come up to you on the street about–which one is it?

I still get recognized from Babylon 5. There are a lot of Team Fortress 2 and Blizzard fans out there so I get a lot of email for  The Medic and The Demon Hunter. I also receive a lot of mail for my work in The Clone Wars and Skylanders!

The Strain airs at 10pm ET on FX on Sundays. To learn more about Robin Atkin Downes visit his website or follow him on Twitter.

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Alan Danzis

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