Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Holly Kiser, Aryn Livingston and Jay McGee found themselves in the bottom three and their fate was left in the hands of America. If you remember, Holly was tentative and fearful in her sexy poses, and Aryn and Jay lacked chemistry with each other. Last week’s Make Me A Supermodel was also the hottest hour of TV that I have seen in a long time, and the title of tonight’s episode is making me hopeful for more titillating action.

The morning after last week’s judging, Jay, Holly and Aryn pack their belongings in preparation for the elimination ceremony. Ronnie Kroell and Ben DiChiara hope that Aryn will come back. At panel, Niki Taylor announces the result of the vote: Holly is safe. Tyson Beckford gets to be the barer of bad news and tells Aryn that her time on Make Me A Supermodel is over. This is a real shame, especially for her homeboys Ronnie and Ben. I think she is a really good model, and if the judges had their druthers, they would have booted Jay.

Right before Holly and Jay return home, Jacki Hydock makes a jab at Ben that he sleeps with Aryn every night. The boys notice how the girls react hypocritically to Holly’s return, talking about how they didn’t want Holly back but then squealing with false excitement when she steps through the door.

The model wannabes go to Parsons where I so hope Tim Gunn will greet them. Sadly, he doesn’t and the models instead walk into a figure drawing class. Tyson greets them and instructs them on how best to be a nude model. They do ten-minute poses for the art class.

Katy Caswell goes first and is proud of herself for getting nekkid. Holly had a hard time feigning sex last week and is nervous again this week. Frankie Godoy, naturally, waltzes right in with all of his privates swinging about. Casey Skinner is probably the most nervous among all the models and has a hard time holding his pose. And of course, Ronnie hits it out of the park. According to the art teacher, Stephanie Bulger and Perry Ullmann are the best, and Jay and Casey the worst.

For their photoshoot this week, they must see how well the model wannabes can use their bodies to make art. They will be doing a group shot. This week’s photographer is Russ Flatt, who splits the group into guys and girls, and each group gets to choose one member of the opposite sex. The boys choose Shannon Pallay, and the girls choose Perry. Russ Flatt explains before starting that if they don’t perform, he will boot them from the shot.

They get dressed up like mid-century Brits at an old country manor. I love the entire set, and everyone’s hair and makeup is fantastic. I feel that someone is going to rush in at any moment and exclaim that Mr. Boddy has been killed in the hall with the leadpipe. During the boys’ shoot, Russ wants to re-shoot the picture without Casey and Jay. Russ doesn’t feel the need to kick anyone out from the girls’ shot.

Cory Bautista gets to introduce the next assignment: Living Art. Mary Schook will paint everyone from head to toe in body paint. She needs a leading lady, chosen by who best can walk in the most ridiculous heels I’ve ever seen. The shoes are so much worse than the stripper heels that Tyra made her modelettes wear when Danielle sprained her toe. Anyway, Mary Schook chooses Stephanie to be the leading lady.

The model wannabes, painted in black body art go downtown to a gallery and create their living art installation. They each walk down a set of stairs and pose in a big group at the bottom of the stairs. This is seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen on a modeling reality show. I love Holly’s makeup the most because she has rhinestones all over her body, and it’s really lovely.

At home that night, the models get to have some fun. The boys dress up like teachers, Frankie is the washed-up, has-been rocker turned rock history professor, Jay is the African-American history professors, Perry is the Shakespearean expert. It’s really cute, and later on, the boys really bond together. Perry says that he cares about his boys a lot more than the girls. They are like a fraternity, he says, but really, really, really good-looking.

It’s runway time. This week’s catwalk assignment is all about carrying themselves as sculptures. They wear the best outrageous punk outfits from British designers. I love all the clothes (or lack of clothes) on today’s episode. Katy has a good time in her dress constructed entirely of red plastic streamers. Stephanie wears a metallic silver leotard with puffy swimmies on her arms (like the kind of things that that Elisa Jimenez put on her candy dress that got her eliminated from Project Runway).

The judges bring out the top three models and the bottom four models. Niki, who always gets to deliver the good news, commends Shannon, Holly and Stephanie for doing well. Stephanie is the winner this week. Tyson, ever the bad cop, delivers the negative critiques. Of the remaining four models, Katy, Jay and Casey are up for the vote.

Everybody vote to save Casey for another week! And check back on Monday because I’ll be interviewing Aryn Livingston then.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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