I guess Miami doesn’t have much talent.  American Idol spent two full days of auditions down in Florida and only seventeen singers received tickets to Hollywood.  That’s terrible.  Can you imagine being one of the judges, and logging two twelve hour days, seeing countless auditions and then only deeming seventeen of them worthy of a chance in Hollywood?  Oh, wait, they make truck loads of money.  It doesn’t sound that bad at all, actually.  Nonetheless, out of those seventeen that went through, I thought a couple that viewers got to see weren’t all that great, which makes it even worse.

The Good:

Robbie Carrico:

Robbie is a former boy band singer (which one? One of the terrible ones which didn’t get famous) who has changed his tune.  He’s a rocker now, complete with grunge get-up.  He is a good singer, the best male tonight.

Ghaleb Emachah:

Ghaleb probably should not have made the cut.  He is a thick-accented gypsy singer.  Simon put it correctly when he said that he’d like his singing if he were drunk.  Ghaleb is a likable chap, though, and he kissed everyone he could find after he received his golden ticket.

Corliss Smith and Brittany Westcott:

These two obese ladies were a joyful pair.  They are best friends and flirted relentlessly with Randy and Simon.  They gave us something different, both performing some old-school jazz.  I didn’t think they were very good, but the two male judges were charmed and Paula was Paula. 

Suzanne Toon:

A single mother with a nice, sultry voice.  Nothing spectacular, but I’d like to see what she does in Hollywood. 

Ramiele Malubay:

This girl has potential.  She’s a tiny, cute girl but with a monstrous voice.  Simon was taken aback by the largeness of the voice and wasn’t as high on her as the other two judges.  But, she’s going through and I expect to see a lot of her in Hollywood.

Syesha Mercado:

Syesha is in the same boat as Ramiele.  Really good, big voice, maybe too big, and I expect to see a lot of her in Hollywood.

Natashia Blach and Ilsy Pinot: 

We only got to see snippets of these two, but they both sounded good in their limited screen time. 

The Bad:

Shannon McGough:

Shannon’s parents own a meat market that she works at.  She’s going to have to keep working there. Her voice is really weird and she made a terrible choice in songs, deciding to do some Joplin.  She’s genuinely shocked when let down by the judges.

Richard Valles:

Dude sings through his nose like no one I’ve ever seen before. 

The Baffling:

Julie Dubela:

Julie wins the award for Dumbest Person on American Idol this season.  Dim as can be.  She was a singer on American Juniors the failed and creepy Idol spin-off from a few years back and, now 16, Julie thought it was time for Idol.  I actually thought her audition was pretty good except for her excess hand and arm motions.  The judges all give her a no and she is shocked.  Julie keeps singing even after the judges let her down.  She won’t stop. 

Brandon Black:

This dude fancied himself a comedian.  I don’t even want to talk about this guy.  He busted through the doors doing some unintelligible comedy act that is just flat out embarrassing.  He sings some Boyz II Men and then a song of his own creation.  Finally, the judges just get up and leave.

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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