The familiar “edge” is back, as Agent Ian Edgerton returns for the premiere of Numb3rs‘ fifth season.  Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays the FBI’s best sniper, has signed on to return to the series, as reported by TV Guide’s Matt Mitovich. 

The wry and sly Ian gets back on the field on the next season, after not appearing on the fourth spell of the show.  Lou Diamond Phillips has expressed his fondness for the character before, much to the delight of Numb3rs fans. 

The Philippines-born actor has had the recurring role of Agent Ian Edgerton on Numb3rs, first appearing on the episode “Sniper Zero.”  Edgerton is known as the fourth best shot in the United States, as well as a top tracker who has the privilege of choosing his own cases.  When not on the field, Ian Edgerton works as a sniper instructor in Quantico.  It has been implied in the series that the character’s level of danger is high.  In the episodes “Two Daughters” and “Pandora’s Box,” it can be assumed that the sniper is capable of using unorthodox methods of interrogation.  Some of his techniques possibly involve torture. 

Numb3rs has also enlisted the participation of actor Keith Carradine this season.  He will be playing a government agent standing in the way of Charlie Eppes’ (David Krumholtz) security clearance. 

Season 5 will begin with the episode “High Exposure” and has been scheduled to air on October 3.  As for Ian Edgerton, rumors have been circulating that a spin-off series is being formulated.  There hasn’t been any confirmation yet, but the amount of fan interest that the character has been more than notable. 

This year, Lou Diamond Phillips became busy with other projects, particularly in the realm of film.  He was seen in the action movie Death Toll, in the mystery thriller Never Forget and Steven Soderbergh’s Guerilla.  He worked with Benicio del Toro and Benjamin Bratt on the latter, and plays the character Mario Monje.  Phillips was also seen recently as a guest on the comedy crime series Psych.  Carradine, meanwhile, has just portrayed Special Agent Lundy on the crime drama Dexter.  He was also seen on a couple of episodes of the series Criminal Minds.

Numb3rs will be back on October 3, 10pm on CBS.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: CBS, TV Guide
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