It has been rumored for sometime and now it has been confirmed directly from the source:  Matthew Fox of LOST is trying to quit.  The star, who has shot to mega hunk status since appearing on the quirky island drama, has gone public with his desire to quit… smoking that is.  (And it’s not even April first yet, right?)  Snippets about Fox’s inability to kick the cigs have been circulating for a couple of days now, just waiting for someone like me to exploit into a cheekily misleading LOST headline.  But seriously, Matthew Fox, LOST, smoking?  These just don’t go together for me mentally.  As an Ex-Smoker myself though,  I figured I’d jump in and lend a hand with some of my own quit smoking tips, just for you Foxy.

First of all, Nicotine replacement is a sham.  I’m guessing with that rumored bonus you’re pulling down you’re not too worried about the cost of patches and gum, but the fact of the matter is shuffling your addiction from a stinky decayed leaf to a piece of disgusting gum isn’t all that effective a strategy.  Go the DocArzt route, be a man, and quit cold turkey.

See,  the idea that cigarettes are so hard to kick is nothing but a lie invented by the tobacco industry to break your will.  The more insurmountable kicking the habit seems, the less likely you are to try.  And let’s be honest here, the side effects of nicotine withdrawal are no walk in the park, but the ability to get through this relatively short phase depends entirely on your desire to quit.  If you want to quit, you will make it through it.  If you don’t want to quit, don’t bother.

Fox seems to want to quit for all the right reasons, telling a reporter from the AP that he makes the New Year’s resolution every year. “I make the same one every year and I never keep it, but I’ve vowed that this will be the year when I quit smoking. I go through periods when I smoke a lot depending on how stressed I am. I feel terrible about it because I have kids and I try to hide it from them – but this is the year it’s going to stop,”

Go for it Foxy, and if you need one more tip from somebody who has given the habit the boot with no cutting back and no regrets, try this:   The day before you quit, smoke a cigarette and immediately eat one of your favorite foods.  Three days later, after not having any cigarettes, eat that food again.  Your going to find that it tastes so much better that you’re guaranteed to have a new resolution for next year:  working out.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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