Has anybody noticed that there are only four months left before the return of Lost?  It’s true.  Sure there is the minor question of what day – a lot of people are starting to say good old Wednesday – but as the days tick by, the wait begins to resemble a more ‘normal’ hiatus.  As the wait grows shorter, the drip of information grows longer, and it won’t be long until the powers of ABC are rolling out Lost hype on an industrial scale. When will it all begin?  Maybe sooner than you think.

If you don’t remember, there was a promo celebrating the anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815.  Hidden away in the final frames of that promo was one of Lost‘s famous easter eggs. A brief glimpse of the number ‘6’ that you could only see by freeze framing the video.  A lot of questions have been raised over whether that 6 meant anything or not.  There are some rumors floating about that conflict.  One says it was a simple homage to the fact that Lost will end in its sixth season. Other sources are saying that the 6 is symbolic of Lost‘s return date, Wednesday, February 6, a date that has been rumored, but not confirmed.

Lost fans who are hungry for a glimpse at the fourth season may be getting their wish in November if another rumor proves true.  The story goes like this:  as part of the November hype of the season 3 DVD release, ABC will be releasing a few clips from Lost‘s fourth season, which is currently filming its fifth episode. What will be shown, or how much, has not been indicated, but sources are saying look for ‘something’ during the month.

The natural time to begin turning up the hype would be somewhere near the release of the season 3 DVD set.  Lost is now being marketed as a mid-season show, and whether mid-season or not, the general rule of thumb is to build hype for the next season of a show around the fringes of a successful DVD release.  And with Lost fans so starved for input at this point, the season 3 set, while redundant to many Lost geeks, should fly off the shelves.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer

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Senior Writer, BuddyTV