Several of LOST‘s stars will be either working on or appearing in various theatrical efforts while the show is on hiatus.  With projects ranging from violent revenge thrillers, political intrigue, and suspenseful horror, LOST stars Matthew Fox,  Evangeline Lilly,  Naveen Andrews, and Josh Holloway shouldn’t be too concerned about having been typecast by ABC’s  island drama.

Already, Naveen Andrews has appeared in the famously under performing “Grindhouse,” as well as the more critically lauded “Provoked” from Bollywood legend Jag Mundhra.  Andrews has quite a number of credits in the Indian film industry in fact, an industry which rivals the American industry in the amount and quality of productions.  His big splash in the American market may come from his co-starring role in the upcoming “The Brave One” starring Jodie Foster, and directed by Oscar winner Neil Jordan.  In the unconventional film, Andrews plays Foster’s fiance David who dies shortly after the couple is brutally mugged.  The event changes Foster, causing her to become a violent vigilante bent on avenging her loss.  The trailer for the film has received rave reviews from potential audiences, and has caused the film to move onto the ‘must see’ list.  “The Brave One” will be released in September.

Matthew Fox recently appeared at a German press conference to discuss his role of Racer X in the Wackowski brother’s adaptation of the classic anime “Speed Racer.”  Speed Racer will be Fox’s biggest flick so far in terms of budget, but the industry is still mildly bemused over the Wackowski’s refusal to update any of the look and feel of classic cartoon.  Still, it is difficult to imagine anything the Wackowski’s doing coming in at anything less than blockbuster.  In the meantime,  Fox’s “Vantage Point,” which was completed in March of 2007, will hit the big screen the same month LOST returns to the airwaves, February of 2008, and just three months before the expected release of “Speed Racer.”  There has actually been a fair amount of excitement over the political thriller which features Fox as a secret service agent and costars huge names such as Forest Whitaker, Dennis Quaid, William Hurt, and Sigourney Weaver.

Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway are venturing into more familiar territory with their suspense yarns “Afterwards” and “Whispers.”  “Afterwards” stars Lilly as the wife of an aggressive New York attorney who runs into a mysterious doctor, played by John Malkovich, who claims to be able to predict the exact moment of a persons death.  “Whispers” has been completed for some time now and features Josh Holloway in a familiar personage as a charismatic yet down-on-his-luck grifter drawn into one last crime.  Things go haywire when the crime turns out to be the kidnapping of a seemingly demon possessed child. “Afterwards” begins shooting in June, and “Whispers” has been acquired by Universal for distribution in the US.

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