Last year LOST was famously snubbed at the Emmys in most of the major dramatic award categories.  Some blamed it on LOST outing itself with more straight sci-fi elements, others noted the unevenness of the season, most, however, blamed a new voting system that seemed to favor newcomers over consistency.   In the blogosphere, the debate raged that LOST’s descent into formula and the mishandling of major reveals validated its omission from the major characters, while stalwart fans were incredulous over the Emmy snub.   With a redeeming third season behind it, many considering it the best season of LOST ever, the fan’s, as well as the creator’s, hopes are galvanized once again. We have some early word on what LOST producers may be submitting for Emmy consideration, and the selection looks diverse, and good.

For the big category, Outstanding Drama Series, producers submit the episode that defined their creation at its apex.  This year LOST producers have selected the third season finale “Through the Looking Glass,” written by LOST show runners Damon lindelof and Carlton Cuse and directed by Executive Producer/LOST Veteran Jack Bender, as the prime example of their achievements this season.

The finale created a stir with its unexpected revelation that at least two characters will get off the island, but that getting off the island is not the end of the story.   In addition, the episode delivered action and adventure on a cinematic scale as the long awaited clash between the 815’rs and “The Others” played out.  Fans also got a better look at yet another mysterious Dharma station, the “Looking Glass” of the title.  Aside from the action, adventure, and mind blowing twists, there were typical moments of LOST ambiguity as we came to question who the good guys ‘really’ were, and caught a glimpse of cast members from seasons past

The question is, will the panel ‘get’ it.  LOST producers have taken assurances to  make sure they will by drawing from as many episodes as possible for their entries into other categories.  While the submission list is not complete, here is what the final list might look like.

Outstanding Drama Series
Lost “Through The Looking Glass”

Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Series
Evangeline Lilly For “I Do”

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series
Matthew Fox For “A Tale Of Two Cities”

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series
Naveen Andrews For “Enter 77”
Daniel Dae Kim For “The Glass Ballerina”
Michael Emerson For “Every Man For Himself”
Henry Ian Cusick For “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
Josh Holloway  For “Every Man For Himself”
Jorge Garcia For “Tricia Tanaka Is Dead”
Dominic Monaghan For “Flashes Before Your Eyes”
Terry O’quinn  For “The Man From Tallahassee”

Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Drama Series
Emilie De Ravin For “Par Avion”
Yunjin Kim For “The Glass Ballerina”
Elizabeth Mitchell For “One Of Us”

Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series
Kevin Tighe For “The Brig”

Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series
Stephen Williams for “Greatest Hits”

Altogether, the list of submissions puts ten of LOST’s Season Three episodes before the panel so far, ensuring enough saturation of the ongoing themes of the series for the panel to have a pretty good feel of what made “Through the Looking Glass” such an epic for LOST fans.

The official list of Emmy nominations will be released July 19th.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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