Tomorrow night, the wait is finally over.  After five long weeks of enhanced repeats, Lost returns Thursday at 10pm with the first of six brand new episodes.  This week’s installment, “The Shape of Things to Come,” finds trouble coming to John Locke’s camp while Jack (Matthew Fox) deals with a mystery on the beach.  Thursday nights just haven’t been the same without our favorite castaways, so it should be exciting to see the series kick off the remainder of its fourth season.

To get fans pumped for Lost‘s big return, we have some promo photos and two clips from the new episode.

The promos for tomorrow night’s episode make it clear that a huge battle will break out at Locke’s camp, but I’m more curious about the fate of Danielle Rousseau.  The producers may want to tease us with that cliffhanger for another week, so I’m not sure if we’ll find out whether she’s alive or dead just yet.  I’m betting on her surviving that gunshot wound, because, come on, she’s Rousseau!  She can’t possibly go down that easily.  Besides, I’ve been waiting to see her flashback episode for four seasons, and they can’t deny it to me now.

In the first photo from “The Shape of Things to Come,” we see Sawyer (Josh Holloway) hiding behind a table and obviously involved in a shootout.

The next photo proves that the people coming to Locke’s (Terry O’Quinn) camp not only mean business, but they have some serious firepower as well.

What is code 14-J?  Whatever it is, this clip shows that it’s serious enough to make Ben (Michael Emerson) go from calmly playing the piano to whipping out a shotgun and preparing to kick butt.

In the next clip, Jack is either getting a stomach bug or beginning his pill popping habit earlier than expected.  He shares a nice moment with Kate (Evangeline Lilly) in the makeshift island pharmacy, but they’re soon interrupted when a dead body washes up on the beach.

“The Shape of Things to Come” airs Thursday at 10pm on ABC.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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