The people over at Lost have cheated a little bit with this latest Mobisode.  “The Envelope” isn’t really a specially made, Internet-only episode.  It’s actually a deleted scene from the season 3 premiere of Lost.  It’s not difficult to figure out.  It takes place immediately after Juliet drops her plate of muffins as the Book Club meeting is about to start.  To know for sure it’s a deleted scene all we have to do is look at the writers for the episode – J.J. Abrams is credited with the teleplay (along with Damon Lindelof), the same writing team that is credited for the season 3 premiere.  I’m pretty sure that J.J. Abrams wasn’t about to take time off of Star Trek to write a Missing Pieces installment.  That being said, it’s still a pretty cool deleted scene.  Although it is mysterious, I think it’s fairly clear what is inside the mysterious envelope. 

The Mobisode picks up with Juliet dropping the plate of muffins on the floor, burning herself.  She cleans up the wound and then the elder Amelia shows up early for the book club.  She finds Juliet crying and tries to figure out what is wrong.  At first, Juliet plays it off, saying that she got burned – that’s why she’s crying.  Amelia doesn’t buy it, saying that a burn doesn’t make Juliet cry.  Amelia asks if it’s about “him.”  Juliet admits that things have gotten awkward and that they all may be in deep trouble.  She asks Amelia if she shows her something, will she be able to keep it a secret.  Amelia agrees and Juliet takes out a large envelope from inside the kitchen counter.  Just when she’s about to show Amelia the contents, the door bell rings.

The fact that Juliet says they’re in big trouble makes me believe that the envelope contains Ben’s X-Rays that show his spinal tumor.  However, since Ethan has not yet been killed, you’d think that it wouldn’t be too big a worry, medically speaking.  However, the “big trouble” part probably has to do with Ben’s insistence that no one gets sick on the island and that the envelope makes Ben out to be a huge liar.  Since this was originally supposed to be a part of the third season premiere, it would be good foreshadowing for Jack’s eventual surgery.  Also interesting is the appearance of Amelia, who some Lost fans have been saying is, in actuality, Amelia Earheart, the famed pilot who disappeared during a flight in 1937.  If still alive, Earheart would be well over 100-years-old, but all we have to do is turn to Richard Alpert, and her lack of aging could be explained. 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

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