Mandy LynnMandy Lynn didn’t make it all the way through America’s Most Smartest Model, and the way she was portrayed on the show certainly seemed to try to make her the butt of the joke at the heart of America’s Most Smartest Model. The show might have said it aimed to show that there could be a combination of beauty and brains, but it sure got lot of mileage out of showing some of the dimmer moments of some of the contestants.

However, no matter the less-than-flattering light she was portrayed in, Mandy Lynn at least has had the business savvy to build her own kind of brand as a lingerie and bikini model. She also developed the internet presence for herself, and, as we saw on America’s Most Smartest Model, takes a bit of pride in that.

She has written, “Yes I did [design my own site]! and I am so proud of that fact! Took me a while but I finally found time and sat down and taught myself everything I know! Soooo many people offered to create the site for me and I refused to let someone else do it for me, I think it is cooler that the site is 100% done by me, the way I like it and not some webmaster. I love that I am in total control of it! I hope you guys like what I have done!”

Some fans show their enthusiasm for Mandy Lynn by offering to make her another site, but she is having none of it. “No! I don’t want a new site. I like my site the way it is. I am just beginning so don’t worry it will improve with time.”

However, if someone wants to make a non-profit fan site dedicated to the America’s Most Smartest Model alum? “Now that is something I have no problem with! Please feel free to go ahead and create one and show me when you are done so I can see share it with other fans!”

– Leslie Seaton, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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