Last night’s LOST sent shock waves through the LOST fan community with its story of Juliet’s betrayal.  Who could have seen that final scene coming?  But aside from that, did you happen to notice that Juliet was giving a certain LOST favorite the hairy eyeball?  Who was the object of Juliet’s disdain?  Don’t worry!  Amongst solving the various anagrams, decoding the cryptic symbols, and researching Eastern mysticism, we’ve gotten to the bottom of that sadistic stare and telemeterized just who it is that seems to be attracting Juliet’s wrath.

The staple of every LOST easter egg hunter’s diet is the anagram.  In this case, the popular solutions are:

  • Earhart Aviation (as in famous Lost aviator Amelia),
  • Her a Rat (to describe/foreshadow Juliet),
  • and Earth Variation A.

LOST 3.16 Easter Egg

Again, nothing hidden but just worth savoring for a moment.  This scene not only blew away “there was never a crash” rumors, but it also explained how master web surfer Patchy got started with his info gathering.  Not to mention the fact that the little dish on top of the Flame station gets pretty awesome reception.

LOST 3.16 Easter Egg

Just who was Juliet throwing daggers at with that final, grim stare?  Desmond!  If you review the scene using the pole to her right as your point of reference and cycle through the different groups of characters, you’ll see that the direction she is grimacing in is occupied by the 815’rs own reluctant Nostradamus.

And thus this section comes to a close.  There are a few more wild and wacky connections I’m working on getting confirmation on, so be sure to check back for updates!

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