After months of dating, The Bachelor: Rome star Prince Lorenzo Borghese ends his love affair with Sadie Murray, the 23-year old publicist he rejected on The Bachelor: Rome.

Another Breakup for The Bachelor's Lorenzo Borghese

Previously, Borghese broke up with Jennifer Wilson, the 24-year old eighth-grade teacher who captured Borghese’s heart on the reality dating show The Bachelor: Rome. He justifies his decision to choose Wilson on the show was a “spur of the moment” thing. He explains, “I decided about two hours before the final Rose Ceremony and it was obviously a very difficult decision because I had strong feelings for both Jen and Sadie…I was trying to find faults with both of them and it was almost impossible but I knew I had to make a decision and it was just that I felt a little closer to Jen and that’s why I went with what I was feeling at the time.”

After his breakup with Wilson, he was reportedly seeing Murray and was spending so much time with her in New York where she has currently relocated. But unfortunately, Borghese’s relationship with Murray has gone down the drain. A reliable source told The Post, “Lorenzo just wouldn’t commit to her. He liked her a lot but wouldn’t make her his one and only. Seems like he had a completely different impression of her before she moved here…He thought she was very sweet, innocent, and intelligent. Turns out she is a big party girl and doesn’t take her job seriously at all.”

As for Murray, she takes the breakup as something positive and looks in the future with much optimism. She told The New York Post, “I’m a single girl in New York City…There’s nothing better, right… I’m being sarcastic.”

Her move to New York, apart from dating Borghese, is to pursue a job at Behrman P.R. But as it turns out, she is ready to leave the company and is now seeking a job at a different agency. And although the city has provided her with much heartache, she remains upbeat towards it. She adds, “I love New York. I’m trying to get acclimated to the city.”

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Source: RealityTV World

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