A look at the small details and little factoids you may have missed from this episode of Lost.

#8 Ana Lucia

It was great seeing Michelle Rodriguez again, and whether she was a ghost, a figment of Hurley’s imagination, or something else, it was a nice touch. It’s also cool because they kept Ana Lucia’s brash attitude and even through in a shout out to Libby, which I like to think is more than Hurley’s fantasy.

#7 Expose

After making a sandwich, David Reyes sat down to watch one of his and his son’s favorite shows, Expose. It was a fantastic little shout-out to the dearly departed Nikki and Paulo, who are possibly the only characters in TV history who are more loved after being killed off than they were when they were alive.

#6 42

When Ben visits his friend Jill the Butcher, he draws a number, and even though it’s 342, a well-placed thumb offers up another one of the Numbers.

#5 Mother’s Maiden Name

This may be nothing, but I found it interesting that Charlotte told Daniel she couldn’t remember her mother’s maiden name. Since I think every bit of dialogue means something, I believe this is a hint that the reason Faraday didn’t finish teling Desmond his mother’s name was because she still goes by her maiden name, which I believe is Hawking.

#4 “Fire!”

As inside jokes go, Frogurt’s existence was among the better ones, and he went out with a bang. The irony of someone shouting the word “Fire” then getting hit with several flaming arrows isn’t subtle, but nothing about Frogurt was.

#3 4, 8, 15

While reviving Sayid, one of the valves Jack used contained the Numbers 4, 8 and 15. Normally I’d chalk this up to coincidence, but after counting through all even numbers, why jump to 15 at the end? Could 14 and 16 not fit?

#2 Ms. Hawking

If you’re like me, the moment you saw Ms. Hawking, you assumed she was Faraday’s mom that Desmond is supposed to find. She’s British, so that matches. She’s clearly an expert on time travel and, therefore, a likely candidate for the one person who could help Faraday and the rest of the survivors on the Island. And finally, her reveal suggested she’ll be a major character this season, and since Faraday’s mom will also play a key role, the economy of characters rule suggests Ms. Hawking and Mama Faraday are the same person.

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