A look at the small details and little factoids you may have missed from this episode of Lost.

#12 815

The show started off simple, and if you missed this, you need to turn in your Lost fan club badge. The time Dr. Marvin Candle set his alarm for was 8:15am, the same number of the Oceanic flight that crashed on the Island.

#11 Skipping Record

The first time around, you may have missed that Candle’s record skipped, mirroring the metaphor Faraday later used to describe the time jumps they were experiencing on the Island.

#10 Arrow Station

Other than possibly foreshadowing the barrage of flaming arrows, the Arrow orientation video helped explain what the station is. It’s designed to research defensive strategies against the Hostiles. This is interesting because Horace Goodspeed, who built Jacob’s cabin, had an Arrow logo on his DHARMA uniform, and the Arrow was where Mr. Eko found the Bible that contained half of the Swan orientation video.

#9 Photo of Jack

As expected, Kate’s house included a photo of Aaron, because while they aren’t on good terms now, there was a brief period where Jack was frequently at Kate’s place.

#8 “When Are They?”

The time jumps allow all viewers to play a fun new game: When Are They? We can use context clues to determine the approximate time the survivors are at. In the first jump, we saw Yemi’s plane crash, which happened in the late 1990s, so the first jump was about five to eight years in the past.

#7 Flight 23, Gate 15

When Sun was in the airport, the lady on the loudspeaker announced that Flight 23 to Paris was boarding at Gate 15. No matter how far in the future they go, they can’t escape the Numbers.

#6 “When Are They?”

The second jump was relatively easy to pinpoint. The Hatch was exploded, so it was after the season 2 finale. But when Locke went into the plane, he saw Yemi’s burned corpse. When Mr. Eko visited the plane in season 3, episode 5, the body was gone. Therefore, the time of this jump when Locke met Alpert must’ve been sometime between November 27, 2004 and December 2, the same time when Kate, Sawyer and Jack were first taken by the Others.

#5 Compass

When Alpert met Locke, he handed him a compass which Locke was supposed to give him the next time they meet. The compass was also one of the objects during the Dalai Lama test, when Alpert asked Locke which item belonged to him. It seems obvious now that the compass was that item.

#4 “When Are They?”

For the third time jump of this episode, the Hatch was entirely covered, putting it sometime before Locke and Boone discovered it on Day 17 after the crash. However, Desmond asks if Faraday is his replacement, suggesting that Kelvin Joe Inman, his partner in the Swan Station, is no longer around. Since he died the same day Oceanic 815 crashed, this jump most likely takes place within the first two and a half weeks of the crash.

#3 Nosebleeds

Faraday was worried about Charlotte’s nosebleeds, possibly because he knows what they foreshadow. We also saw many people on the freighter, including Desmond, get nosebleeds when they became disoriented in time. The only way to stop it was for Desmond to contact Penny, his Constant. Perhaps this is why the Oceanic 6 all need to go back-they are the Constant for the people back on the Island.

#2 Mother’s Name

As he’s about to go through another time jump, Faraday tells Desmond to find his mother, though he’s unable to finish telling him her name. This would suggest that she doesn’t share a last name with Daniel. This adds weight to my theory that Faraday’s mother is Ms. Hawking, but for more on that, see the Easter Eggs for episode 5.2 “The Lie.”

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