What ever happened to VH1’s Pop-Up Video?  That show seemed to have such a short shelf life, yet it was endlessly fun to watch music videos while minutiae about the artist or song popped up on the screen.  How else would I have learned about the behind the scenes antics that took place while Michael Jackson filmed the video for “Bad”?  I’m guessing that Pop-Up Video had to be banished into oblivion due to the fact that music networks no longer play music videos, but I keep on hoping that it’ll somehow make a comeback.

In a way, the people at ABC have answered my prayers by taking the pop-up concept and applying it to one of their most popular shows.  At the end of January, viewers will be able to watch a classic Lost episode with facts, clues, and helpful back story popping up on the lower third of the screen.  The network is hoping that Lost fans will tune in for the pop-up curiosity, while the handy facts will help new viewers get initiated into the series.

On Wednesday, January 30 at 9pm, ABC will broadcast the enhanced version of Lost‘s epic season 3 finale, “Through the Looking Glass.”  The network doesn’t often rerun the series due to its complicated serialized nature, so this may be a one of a kind event.  However, if the pop-up gimmick draws in enough curious viewers, maybe they’ll try this out with more Lost episodes or reruns of another series.

While I could see the pop-up factoids being an annoying distraction for new viewers, I think it’d be a fun thing to check out for those of us who are die hard Lost fans.  Or maybe that’s just the Pop-Up Video lover in me talking.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
(Image courtesy of ABC)


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