Last week on Make Me A Supermodel, Katy Caswell, Dominic Prietto and Ben DiChiara made up the bottom three of all the supermodel hopefuls, and their fates were placed into the hands of the voting public.

Tonight’s episode of Make Me A Supermodel right after Katy, Dominic and Ben found out that they were in the bottom three. Dominic is taking his failures out on all of his housemates. He’s insecure that everyone is trash-talking behind his back. By the way, Frankie Godoy is very, very pretty. He’s prettier than any of the other girls, actually. The next morning, Ben, Katy and Dominic prepare for their possible elimination, packing their bags and saying good-bye to their roommates.

The three on the chopping block line up at the end of the catwalk in front of the judges. Ben is safe. Yay! We need to keep him around to be Ronnie Kroell’s man candy. Unfortunately for Dominic, he has been eliminated. He blames it on the bad coaching he got for his runway walk. And he complains about having to wear shoes that don’t fit. Wasn’t he barefoot for the swimsuit runway show? And he really should pay attention when Tyra Banks on that other modeling show explains that you’re not always going to get shoes that fit and you just have to model through it. The rest of the gang, though, are pleased with the outcome of the elimination ceremony.

The model wannabes go to on a casting call in which they have to pose in twos and threes in sexy, sultry poses, but we don’t get to see a whole lot of it. Afterwards, the girls complain about Frankie’s Fabio-ness.

In the guys’ room, Ronnie full-on flirts with Ben, and Ben flirts back. Ronnie isn’t playing, though. In fact, Ben’s hijinx with both Ronnie and Aryn Livingston are enough to raise some eyebrows. Some people might be worried about how Ben’s wife back home in Nashville is going to react when she watches this, but who knows? Maybe she’s into this sort of thing.

The theme for this week’s photoshoot, and the episode title, is sexual chemistry. The photographer is a German woman named Diana Scheunemann. She splits the model wannabes into pairs, and instructs them to forget about their significant others at home and just get it on with each other.

Each pair poses together in their skivvies in bed, doing everything from undressing each other to dry humping. Katy and Ben pose while feigning orgasms. Aryn and Jay McGee don’t impress Diana, mostly because Jay is too passive. He must be a bottom. Stephanie Bulger and Jacki Hydock do a really hot same-sex shoot. Diana even gives them a banana to work with at one point. Um, it is really, really hot. Frankie and Holly Kiser have a hard time being convincing because they don’t really like each other. Another same-sex pair who is hot-hot-hot? Perry Ullmann and Casey Skinner. After getting their giggling under control, they get really into it, even experimenting with some light bondage. After their shoot is done, they do a half-assed job at pretending they’re still straight. Shannon Pallay and Ronnie also do a really great job. Ronnie is surprised at how much he enjoyed being with a woman.

Diana’s least favorite pairs are Aryn and Jay, and Frankie and Holly. Her top two are Casey and Perry, and Ronnie and Shannon.

The next day, Holly is upset about not performing well, but Frankie tells everyone else that Holly got drunk before the photo shoot. There’s a minor confrontation between the two of them.

The models meet with their personal trainer, Clay Burwell, at Studio X. He leads the model wannabes through an intense cardio and conditioning workout, and notices that Aryn has the hardest time.

The models are allowed one phone call to their loved ones. Ronnie asks Ben about how he feels about talking to his wife after his steamy, sexy photoshoot with Katy. Aryn has issues talking to her boyfriend Landon because she needs to focus on her career right now, so she’s unsure about where their relationship is going. Landon tells her that he wants to marry her, but she thinks that he’s too podunk for her hot ass. Well, she might not actually be saying, but we all know that’s what she’s thinking.

It is a sexy week on Make Me a Supermodel, there’s no question about that. For this week’s catwalk assignment, the theme is Equestrian with a Fetish Twist. Niki Taylor explains that they’ll be working with their photoshoot partners again, and offers them an extensive array of BDSM tools to use at their leisure.

During the runway show, each pair walks down the runway together and do kinky little poses. Perry and Casey floor the judges with their little leather garters and their homo eroticism.

There are twelve beautiful models standing before me, but I only have eleven photos in my hands. Err, wrong show. Shannon and Ronnie, Perry and Casey all get high marks from Niki. Perry is this week’s winner. Tyson Beckford gets to be the bad guy to tell the remaining four that they leave much to be desired. Jay, Aryn and Holly are up for the vote. Frankie just squeaks by and is safe. My favorite of the three is Aryn, so everyone should vote to save. Call 1-866-I-WANT-03.


-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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