Entertainment Weekly’s Jeff Jensen has produced some bold theories in his never-ending quest to decode the mysteries of LOST, a daunting and often controversial task – depending on the reactions of the sometimes-cruel fans of the island mystery.  Don’t feel bad for Jeff, though, what better job could a writer ask for than to spend the bulk of his time pondering the nature of time and space, dreaming up angry ghosts pining for fetal hosts, and equating the characters and events of LOST to living breathing metaphors for the lines of a folk hymn. When he is not testing the bounds of credibility, however, Doc Jensen is delivering some of the most well thought out analysis on LOST anywhere on the web.  (Just check out his latest column here.)  So, what does Doc Jensen predict for the end of season three?

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This week, Doc Jensen tipped off www.thetailsection.com with his personal theory on how season three of LOST will end.  If his predictions wind up being only partly accurate, fans are in for a wild ride.

Essentially Jensen calls for the following events to bring LOST to a close:

When The Hatch imploded, Charlie should have died. But for some reason, he didn’t. Maybe it was force of will. Maybe another soul inhabits his body. Regardless, Charlie is a flaw in the system–and he needs to be removed.

This is the meaning of the purple sky. The purple sky is a temporal anomaly that says that time is in flux until the flaw that is Charlie is corrected.

Charlie will die in the second to last episode. When he dies, the new time line, with all its course corrections, will be adopted.

In this new time line, Jack went to Australia and found his father–alive. In the season finale, it will establish that Jack’s Dad has always been there–either as a member of the castaways, or living among the Others.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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