Have things just gotten even worse for Lindsay Lohan?

Reports out of Los Angeles say that Lindsay Lohan was found non-responsive in her Marina del Ray hotel room. Follow-up reports differ on what may have occurred after paramedics arrived on the scene.

According to the Los Angeles ABC affiliate, KABC, Lindsay Lohan was taken to the hospital after she was found unconscious in her hotel room. The station’s website states that the Los Angeles County Fire Department got the emergency call at 10:15am on Friday, June 15. Someone at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Ray had reported to them that Lindsay Lohan was unconscious and non-responsive.

The same website later updated their report after speaking to Lindsay Lohan’s attorney. Shawn Chapman Holley told the news reporters that Lohan was merely “exhausted” from work when asked about the actress’ condition.

Meanwhile, TMZ.com — a site unfortunately more likely to know everything that is going on at every moment of Lindsay Lohan’s life — reports that the actress did not go to the hospital and is now back at work on the set of the Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick.

TMZ.com also reports on sources who say Lindsay Lohan had been working almost nonstop for two days and had not slept.

So it’s possible that she was just tired.

This is but the latest of minor but troubling stories to come out about the young actress. Her probation period for a 2007 DUI only just ended in March, while she remains involved in a lesser form of probation related to the theft of a jewelry store in 2011. On March 14, Los Angeles policeĀ  reported that Lindsay Lohan had grazed a man’s leg while exiting a parking lot. Finally, on June 8, Lohan totaled her car and was sent to the hospital after rear-ending a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

(Image courtesy of WENN)