Just when I thought there wouldn’t be anymore twists to look forward to on this show, Legion has to go ahead and throw a curve ball. The Interrogator that we all thought was incinerated in the very first episode of the season made his triumphant return in “Chapter 7.” “Chapter 8” opens with a sequence showcasing the Interrogator’s survival, his reunion with his family, and his adamant wish to return to the field rather than take up desk duty. If nothing else, this guy certainly has a ton of heart and resolve.

David the Hero

The Interrogator’s hopes of capturing David take a slight snag as our protagonist subdues the soldiers meant to kill his friend. David chooses to negotiate with the Interrogator rather than kill him and his men. He seeks another option against the advice of his fellow mutants. It’s nice to see that David is growing into a hero after all this time trying to play catch up and figure out what he should be doing. He puts the lives of his friends ahead of his own, despite the fact the Lenny/The Shadow King is quite possibly scratching their way to the surface to erase David’s mind. Talk about multitasking.

As The Interrogator is having a video communicator planted in his eye, it’s safe to say that things are going to get very complicated.

Bittersweet Victory

Melanie has her husband Oliver back, but that doesn’t mean entirely. Oliver can’t remember who Melanie is, but he still has a strong connection towards her. It’s certainly sad to see that all that sacrifice has amounted to a great deal, yet not exactly what Melanie has been pining for all season. Her hopes of getting her husband back “whole” have crashed and burned, but Legion does a great job setting up the possibilities of a full Oliver recovery moving forward.

The End of a War

While David is trying his hardest to negotiate a deal with The Interrogator, Syd discovers the painful truth that The Shadow King will be harder to remove from David’s mind than they originally thought. The Shadow King convinces Syd that the only way David will be free of the parasitic mutant’s grasps is if it relinquishes it’s grip willingly. Syd takes a gamble and reveals this information in the hopes of touching on The Interrogator’s soft spot. It could be the only way for the humans to actually agree to helping the schizophrenic mutant.

Purging the Darkness

David blacks out in the middle of his negotiations with The Interrogator only to find himself strapped to an operating table. The team decides to extract The Shadow King from David’s mind using contraption around the mutant’s head. We quickly begin to realize that the plan is less than stellar and that The Shadow King’s words may very well be true.

David meets face to face with Lenny/The Shadow King in his mind. He begins to realize that separating his conciousness could have some dire consequences. Almost on cue we see that David is having an extremely adverse affect to the treatment. Syd, being the ride or die girlfriend that she is, chooses to potentially sacrifice her own life for his. She rushes into the room and plants one on his lips forcing The Shadow King into her own body.

In it’s new form, we see The Shadow King quickly switch bodies with Kerry and an all out battle commences. Each of our heroes fall to Kerry possessed by The Shadow King until the parasitic mutant comes face to face with David himself. The shock wave that is produced by the clash of the two powerful mutants forces The Shadow King from Kerry’s body and right into the body of Oliver who finally seems to have regained his memories of his wife (of course!).

The Shadow King is able to escape unsuspected in the body of Oliver leaving major questions to be answered next season.

Silver Linings

While The Shadow King may be free and out in the world (a pretty horrible proposition actually) David is now free of the parasite’s control. Not only that, but it appears that The Interrogator is willing to actually put in a good word with his superiors and actually join forces with our ragtag group of mutants. But right when you think the others can breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate a minor victory, David is captured by some mechanical sphere that imprisons him once more, leaving us all wondering what comes next. It may not be the best outcome for our hero, but it certainly leads us into next season with a whole bunch of different possibilities.

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