On Wednesday, NBC brought us a remake of Knight Rider, which looks like it’s in trouble after garnering only 7.3 million viewers.  In fact, E! Online reports that Knight Rider’s entrance may be comparable to another failed NBC remake, but much worse.  If one can recall, Bionic Woman experienced little if not no success at all.  With a little push from the writers’ strike, the show ended after seven episodes.

Nonetheless, Knight Rider landed on the third spot following ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, which garnered 15.6 million viewers and FOX’s Bones, which yielded 9.6 million. Recently, Kristin Dos Santos of E! Online reviewed the first episode of Knight Rider.  Find out what she had to say after the jump.

“This Knight Rider is allegedly updated, but despite the fancy-pants look and some name-dropping meant to simulate modernity, the pacing, technology, storylines and style of the show are right out of Scarecrow and Mrs. King, or you know, the original Knight Rider. It’s marginally faster-paced, but not by much. It’s all just kind of…silly,” she reported.  “Perhaps it would be foolish to take a Knight Rider remake too seriously, but I’m not sure the creators themselves believe in (or care about) the story they’re telling.”

However, Knight Rider star Deanna Russo, who previously appeared on the soap The Young and the Restless, has something else to say about the show.  She told the Deadbolt, “the pace of the show is much more intense than anything else out there, so it’s an entirely different animal than primetime.”

“We went back to the original series to look at what made that work and… We went through the pilot and then we don’t want to disappoint some of the fans of the two-hour so there was – you know, we have four characters coming from that.  So we made sure that those four characters clicked into what the new mythology was for the series,” executive producer Gary Scott Thompson said of his thought process on the production of the show. “Again, it’s 25 years later so we have to update the car, update the people and be in touch with the times.  So I think that’s really what we did was just try to bring it up to date.”

Knight Rider stars Young and the Restless alum Deanna Russo and All My Children star Justin Bruening and airs every Wednesday at 8pm on NBC.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: The Deadbolt, E! Online, Watch with Kristin

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