Back when Rock of Love was in the early episodes, BuddyTV spoke with Lacey Conner, the show’s “villain” who, at that time, had not yet begun to fight.  Now the show is over and BuddyTV caught up with Lacey to see what’s been going on with her since her Rock of Love experience ended.

Lacey spoke about her new organization to help rescue dogs from California kennels, her band Nocturne’s upcoming gigs, her reaction to Jes dumping Bret Michaels on the reunion show, her parents’ reaction to some of the more outrageous things Lacey did on the show, and she even hinted at the possibility of doing something more on VH1, though Lacey fans will have to wait a bit longer to see what comes of it.  Below you will find the mp3 audio file as well as the transcript of the interview.