First things first: Switching the show format from 30 minutes to an hour is a colossal mistake. Kim role-playing in different wigs, Kris’ overworked freakouts and Rob taking Bruce for granted drags in the longer timeslot. Keeping Up with the Kardashians is easier as a sprint instead of this too-long marathon.

Kris Can’t Keep Up

Kris’ stress levels stay at stratospheric levels on good days, but setting up a music label pushes them to amazing new heights. Working from before sunrise to midnight affects almost every part of her life negatively. She takes out stress by going on road-rage induced rants that would make Tony Montana blush, and she ignores her family.

Ignoring her loved ones in turn creates discord among them. When Bruce tries helping newly returned Rob buy a house, he gets brushed off. Even worse, Rob talks of “not having a male figure” with Bruce sitting right in front of him. Kim’s the only unaffected one, wearing ridiculous wigs and taking everything as a joke.

Kourtney Acts Like A Decent Human Being, Shocking Everyone

Maybe she’s trying to make up for her prodigal daughter behavior last episode, but Kourtney tries to fix everything. First, she stages a funtervention for Kris, stealing her ever-present phone and forcing a day off on her. It’s nice seeing Kourtney and Kris not at each other’s throats like they have been previously. There’s only so many times you can hear them say they’re “so over” each other and it stays fresh.

Step-Father Knows Best

Realizing the damage occurring in her family, Kris gives Rob a gentle reminder that, blood or not, Bruce basically was Rob’s father most of his life. Rob apologizes to Bruce, and the two share a touching moment.

Though she did contribute to the stressed-out family shenanigans, it feels like Kris gets unnecessarily blamed for not holding her clan together. Is she the one everyone looks to for some semblance of control? Yes. That may be the problem, though. Her children are grown up now, and while Kris should provide support for her kids, they need to act like adults and shoulder some responsibility.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians actually resembles overworked Kris in some ways. It’s trying to do many things at once, but none of them well with its new hour running time. Does anyone else feel the same way? Do you think the next episode will have enough interesting content to merit an hour? Comment and let us know!

Daniel Mikelonis
Contributing Writer

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Daniel Mikelonis

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