Detective Lilly Rush of CBS’ Cold Case was on the receiving end of some devastating blows last season that even Kathryn Morris, the actress who plays her, has begun to grow concerned over just how she will carry on.

“Lilly’s been a little overly angst ridden — I’ve been worried about her myself,” Morris told  “I really felt like I needed to take Lilly Rush out for a girls’ night or go to the movies, try to set her up on a blind date, something for God sakes.  I told the writers, ‘Look, I’m worried. Lilly, she’s just going to off herself.  I just know it.'”

Toward the end of last season’s finale, Lilly’s, along with Lt. John Stillman (John Finn), his team and victim Kim Jacobi (guest star Ellen Woglom), were held hostage by a stalker named Ed “Romeo” Masterson (guest star Joe Reegan).  As the authorities closed in on him, Masterson shot at Stillman and Lilly, but only the latter was seriously injured.  At the hospital, she “realized the state of her affairs, professionally [and] personally.”

Worse, prior to the hostage situation, Lilly learned of her mother’s death.

In Cold Case‘s fifth season opener, which aired on Sunday, September 23, Lilly returns to work “like everything’s fine,” although she clearly is not ready.  Stillman tells her to sign up for counseling, which she reluctantly obeys.

Kathryn Morris said she believes it is necessary for her character to face her demons in order to bring back a sense of normalcy in her life.

“I think she’s going to have to walk through the tunnel of dealing with the fact that she was shot and realizing her mortality and that, ‘Yeah, my mom wasn’t great.  My mom was a drunk.  My mom died the same day I got shot.  What am I going to do about it?  What do I have and it’s not just work and it’s not just miscellaneous boyfriends that come through,'” she told

Morris also revealed that although her character will not enter into a serious relationship this season, she will begin to entertain some feelings for a former flame.

“She is going to start to investigate some old feelings she had for someone long ago,” she said.

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-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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