The success of Ghost Whisperer has led some people to believe that Jennifer Love Hewitt, who plays fictional medium Melinda Gordon, can communicate with earthbound spirits in real life.  But while she can easily disprove this notion, the 28-year-old actress just can’t hide the fact that the set of her drama fantasy-thriller is haunted.

Melinda's First Ghost

Although Hewitt admits that the idea of a ghost haunting the show’s set sounds ridiculous, she became convinced after she and several crew members felt a “paranormal presence” tugging on their clothes.

“There can be energies and spirits in and around places.  We were filming in a certain part of a lot and there was this building I was walking out of to start a scene, and there were seven crew members who went inside this building and had very strange experiences.  One of the ladies felt her sweater being tugged and she couldn’t explain it and another guy felt somebody tugging on the bottom of his jeans, and I had the bottom of my dress tugged.  We definitely felt like something was in there,” the Ghost Whisperer actress explained.

This allegedly paranormal incident, which reportedly happened last month, only fortifies Hewitt’s belief that the set of Ghost Whisperer is prone to attracting spirits since this isn’t the first time she encountered something out of the ordinary.

Last year, she told U.S. chat show host Megan Mullally that strange things have been happening to the set such as lights whizzing around without control and various objects moving and disappearing.

“We’ve had lights move, literally three and a half inches to the left, as you’re sitting there the lights move.  We’ve had lights burst over actors’ heads when they’re playing people who don’t believe in ghosts.  A light will burst into a million pieces right over them.  People are like, ‘We’re not guest-starring on that show!’ But for us as a crew we’re kind of like, ‘Awesome! Maybe they [the ghosts] are with us,’” she said back then.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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