As expected, the Jon and Kate Plus 8 dad has released a statement regarding yesterday’s news on over-charging for his public appearances.  According to his representative, Jon Gosselin just does not request $10,000 to $12,000 for speaking on shows.  It was just another controversy that bubbled up and sizzled.

Jon was accused of demanding that amount when asked to speak at Tampa’s MJ Morning Show.  However, the real reason why he turned down the offer was that he felt he was being exploited.

On a statement provided by Digital Spy, the Gosselin dad’s representative dismissed the report from TMZ. He said, “Not true, radio looking for press off Jon.  We turned them down.”

While we can hardly side with Jon Gosselin on anything, this case might prove that his refusal of the radio show might be well-founded.  The Examiner reports that the same Florida show has already been known for causing a bit of trouble with guests who either accept or reject them.

Just this year, there were two instances that have been involved with the MJ Morning Show.  The host had apparently caused discomfort to Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus with the sort of questions that were asked.

Though they wanted Jon Gosselin to be a co-host of the show, they were bound to pose scandalous questions towards him.  And given the guy’s history with the press, he’s all about scandal.  So even though they paid the amount allegedly asked by the Jon and Kate Plus 8 patriarch, he’d still be getting a bad deal.

Besides that, Jon doesn’t need any more attention from the press.  He’s already been a headliner all week and there isn’t a day goes by that there’s an update on him.  He’s even working on his own show, The Divorced Dad’s Club.  The last thing this guy wants is to be subjected to embarrassment on some radio show, since he can very well manage that on his own.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Digital Spy, The Examiner
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