Although the point is moot now,  Jericho fans were consistent on one assertion when they began crusading for the return of the show: the steep ratings decline was caused by an unbearable hiatus, and a poorly promoted return.  Jericho fans have already been blessed with the satisfaction of the show being given a second chance, now CBS exec Nina Tassler has justified their efforts even more by acknowledging that CBS’s handling of the Jericho schedule was partly to blame for its decline.

At the recent television critics press tour at CBS, Tassler told the press in attendance that Jericho’s hiatus was thought to be the primary factor in killing off the show.  Whether or not she was echoing the popular movement that revived it, or not, is the question.  If CBS knew they made a misstep that cost Jericho viewers, why wouldn’t they have pushed the show through to another season to try to get it right the second time around?

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Such a move, as it turns out, wasn’t necessary anyways thanks to the tenacious efforts of the shows rabid fan base a few tons of assorted nuts.   Jericho will return mid-season with an abbreviated run, and if it fairs well enough the show will be picked up for a full season come fall.  If not, expect the assorted nuts to fly once again. 

Meanwhile at the Jericho panel, Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott and Producer Carol Barbee gave out mucho info on what to expect from the seven episodes currently in production.  If you don’t want spoilers, leave now!

The cast was despondent after the cancellation and had no idea the show was going to be saved.  If it had received a full second season order, the action would have eventually moved to New York city.
Expect the seven episodes to be story and character intensive.  It will slip into an action intensive arc that will be resolved by the end of the seven-episode order.  Don’t worry though, if CBS wants more episodes the Jericho crew is ready, willing and able to provide.

All of the season one cliff-hangers will be tied up in the second season premiere.  The second episode will jump ahead in time to focus on the new story:  Hawkins and Jake’s mission to save the world from destruction.

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