When Showtime’s Dexter returns for its second season in the fall, viewers can expect new and interesting storylines, one of which involves the discovery of mutilated corpses at the bottom of Biscayne Bay.

Biscayne Bay is a lagoon located at the Atlantic Coast of South Florida, but in shooting the particular episode- and the entire second season, at that- the network was forced to use a television set in Southern California instead.

The pilot episode of Dexter, which follows the story of a Miami forensic scientist named Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), and substantial parts of the first season were shot in Miami.  However, due to the high price of the city’s hurricane insurance, the producers decided to move filming to Los Angeles.

The relocation required the show to build expensive sets.  Now, moving back to Miami is out of the question, as producers feel it would be too costly.

“Once we made a decision to shoot the episodes in Los Angeles, we had to stay in LA,” Showtime programming chief Robert Greenblatt told a gathering of North American TV critics on Saturday.  “It would be too expensive to move the show to Miami… It just became impossible, production-wise, to shoot the whole show there.”

Ironically, the decision has come at a time when Miami is about to become a more integral part of the show.  In the previous season, viewers watched as Dexter killed one serial killer after another, carefully sinking each dead body in the bottom of Biscayne Bay.  Despite the morbidity of the character’s acts and the ethical issues surrounding his motivation, many of Dexter’s viewers want him to continue on his killing spree.

”There’s a contingent of actual people within our fictional reality that are rooting for this guy out there who is taking out the trash,” Daniel Cerone, one of Dexter‘s executive producers, said.

On the other hand, the producers of the show have considered testing the viewers’ loyalty by having Dexter kill an innocent victim.

”We’ve bounced that around,” Clyde Phillips, another executive producer, said.  “We don’t want him, obviously, knowingly killing somebody who doesn’t deserve it… But we have explored the notion of his having killed someone without properly vetting that person and perhaps making a mistake.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Miami Herald
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