Jericho has gone internet savvy in its bed to secure a third, full season for the apocalyptic drama.  As the series forges ahead with production on the abbreviated seven episode run, which will air sometime this winter, the creators have established a equal access production blog for cast and crew to post updates on the production progress, right from the set.  Pictures, and everything.

Being net savvy has helped establish many a phenom and cult favorite alike.  Some argue internet communities are virtually the back bone for shows like Stargate, Alias (when it was on), and even more popular shows like Heroes, Lost, and Prison Break.   The Jericho folks are definitely not going to underestimate the power of the interenet, particularly since it was that power that brought them back to the air to begin with.

Jericho Blog:  The Salty Scoop has been up for nearly a month now, and began to coincide with the gangs appearance at Comicon.   Since then, the blog has been one of the best sources for breaking news and pics from the set and has established an avid readership amongst the battle hardened Jericho internet community.

Spoilers are kept at a dull roar on the blog, but it is not at all uncommon to see the occasional set pic, and even some stills from actual shooting.  The traffic numbers, of course, are not available to the public, but the blog’s popularity abroad certainly seems to illustrate that the venture is having an impact.

One bit of news that may bode well for Jericho fans is the recent announcement that creator Jon Turteltaub has signed an extensive deal with CBS.  Was part of that deal assuring a happy future for Jericho?  That is not likely, but his presence as a developer for the network certainly bolsters Nina Tassler’s confidence in Jericho.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
Source: Variety
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