‘Jericho’ Co-Creator Hints At Season Two Spoilers

  • Dec 11, 2007
  • Buddy TV

CBS recently announced that Jericho would return to the schedule on February 12, and now fans are finally getting some spoilers regarding season two of the series.  In a recent interview with Sci-Fi Wire, co-creator and producer Jon Steinberg hinted at what we can expect when the post-apocalyptic drama returns for its seven episode run.  Read on if you want to know what challenges the residents of Jericho will be facing in the new season.

One of the new buildings on the Jericho lot is a cement facade that houses the headquarters of Jennings and Rall, a multinational organization that sets up shop in the town in season two.  The fictional company is such an integral part of the Jericho universe that they even have their own website, found at JenningsandRall.com.  Aside from this mysterious organization, it appears that the citizens of the town will also have to deal with a continued military presence following the events of the season finale.

Co-creator Jon Steinberg has stated that season two will focus primarily on these outside elements invading the town, and how the citizens react to these changes.  “The first season was about that sort of invisible force – the government, the law, the financial system, all those things disappearing, and living in a vacuum,” Steinberg said in an interview.  “Season two is about what happens when something comes back to replace that vacuum, and it’s not what you remembered being there when you left.  And so that’s kind of the big arc of it, and how we respond to that and resist it or learn to deal with it.”

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Steinberg also mentioned that because of the abbreviated episode schedule, events from season one will be resolved fairly quickly.  However, he also mentioned that “the first season is going to bleed story all the way through the second season, especially that finale.  It’s stuff that they went through way too much, and it was way too terrible for them to get over it in seven episodes.  So it’s all in there.”

Writers for the series originally mapped out a 22-episode season, but had to condense it when CBS announced they would only greenlight seven episodes.

“In changing it from 22 to seven episodes, we sort of broke it like a movie,” Steinberg said.  “And so I think we want to find the best end of this movie that we can come up with.  I think we have a pretty good one. You’re going to feel satisfied, but you’re also going to know that there’s a lot more story coming down the road and that it’s not tied up in a bow in any way.”

The first episode of season two will be entitled “Reconstruction,” and CBS has also released an official description of the episode:  “Colonel Hoffman (Esai Morales) tells Jake (Skeet Ulrich) that the town will look to him for leadership and offers him the position of sheriff.”

More information about upcoming episodes should be released in the weeks to come, as Jericho prepares for its long-awaited return.

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Sci-Fi Wire, CBS
(Image courtesy of CBS)

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