The Bachelor has plenty of celebrity fans. One of the biggest is actually Jimmy Kimmel, as Bachelor fans probably know if they have watched any of his interviews with the contestants over the years. One of the late night host’s close friends, Jennifer Aniston, is also a huge Bachelor Nation fan. On Thursday night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Jimmy asked Jennifer to make her Final 4 picks based solely off the pictures of the women for Bachelor season 21. Her picks were surprising, to say the least. 

5 Things to Expect on The Bachelor Season 21>>> The first big surprise of Jennifer’s Bachelor picks is that unlike a lot of Bachelor fans, she is thrilled with Nick being season 21’s pick. Aniston does make note of the controversy surrounding Nick. Yet she when she hears that Nick will have 30 contestants to choose from, at least initially, she concludes that it must be because he is so “awesome.” 

“I really like Nick,” she explains in the interview, which is embedded below. “A lot of people were iffy about Nick,” she adds, going on to talk about how he has been on TV three times trying to find someone. “What does that say?” she quips. “Make him the bachelor, he has to leave with someone.” 

Then they move onto the picks. According to Jimmy, who sets Jennifer’s predictions up for us, the Friends actress knows nothing about the women. She is seeing their pictures, with their names and professions listed, for the first time ever. With that in mind, Jennifer picks 24-year-old Corrine, 29-year-old Liz, 31-year-old Rachel and 31-year-old Danielle M. as Nick’s Final 4. (She also points out that 23-year-old Hailey, who has a truly awful photo, could be the Olivia of season 21.) 

Personally I think, Jennifer’s picks on just gut reactions aren’t all that bad. The only really bad one is Liz. Liz, if you remember from our previous interview highlight article, is the one who claimed she would be very happy if she had to go the rest of her life without killing anyone. That should set off huge alarm bells for everyone. 

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Jennifer’s pick of Rachel seems a bit misguided, too. Rachel does actually seem like one of the few women of the season who is both mature and experienced enough to actually get married. But Jennifer seems to have picked her just because she is an attorney and Nick will “need one.” This seems to be predicting Nick’s all but inevitable break-up, not his future wife.

Corrine and Danielle M. are likely very good picks, though, at least as far as Nick’s preferences are concerned. According to Danielle M.’s preseason interview, her fiance has passed away and any fan of The Bachelor knows the show will emphasize that like crazy for sympathy. Nick’s ill-fated relationship with Amanda tells us he has a thing for girls with tragic pasts. (Hopefully Danielle isn’t planning to use the tragic death in her past like Kelsey did in season 19.) 

Corinne, meanwhile, seems like the average pretty and boring blonde girl. In other words, she is destined to go far on the show. Seriously, look at pretty much any winner on The Bachelor since Sean Lowe‘s season.

But what do you think of Jennifer’s picks? Are you rooting for any of these ladies? Are you looking forward to Nick’s season?

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