Everything comes to a head during the Pitch season 1 finale, “Don’t Say It.” Mike and Ginny have to navigate their friendship after their almost-kiss, Blip gets into a fight with both Mike and Evelyn, and Ginny fights with both Will and Amelia. It’s a mess. On top of all this, Ginny starts pitching a no-hitter. But will Oscar’s warnings that she’s overdoing it come true?

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Will Ginny Pitch a No-Hitter?

“Don’t Say It” begins with Ginny pitching a no-hitter. Everyone’s so tense and superstitious that no one will even talk to her, sit next to her or say the word ‘no-hitter.’

When Pitch flashes back 36 hours earlier, though, an analyst tells Oscar that he thinks they should pull Ginny from the season. Oscar then calls Mike into a meeting and tells him that the analyst suggested that Ginny should be pulled out of the season because she has too much “wear and tear.” Mike says she should keep playing. Blip overhears them, though, and says she’s run out of gas and it’s better long-term for them to take her out. Oscar agrees, so Mike tells Ginny she’s being pulled, and she’s pissed.

Ginny confronts Oscar over it, but he calls Ross, the analyst, over and explains that she could hurt herself if she keeps playing. Ginny says that women’s limitations are different than men’s. Oscar’s not swayed. But the game is sold out tomorrow, so Charlie says Ginny gets one more start but limited innings.

Ginny and Mike Get Awkward

The day before the game, Evelyn knocks on Ginny’s door and asks for details on Ginny’s date with Noah, but Ginny has bigger news. She, of course, left to meet Mike and things got “weird.” They had a weird moment and then Oscar called and said that he wasn’t leaving the team. Just then, Amelia shows up at Ginny’s room and things get even more awkward.

To make things worse, Ginny’s doing an interview with Mike’s ex-wife, Rachel. Ginny wants a break, but Amelia thinks she needs to spread her message.

Later, in the locker room, Ginny and Mike get super uncomfortable. They agree to not talk about their almost-kiss. They also talk about Ginny’s upcoming interview. He talked to the producer on her behalf. Mike then admits to Blip that he wasn’t the one to call off the trade.

So Ginny sits down with Rachel for the interview. It goes pretty well, but then Mike runs into them in the hallway. Again, it’s super awkward. After seeing Mike and Rachel together, Ginny decides to text Noah. At the same time, things get complicated between Mike and Rachel when Rachel says that she and her fiance broke up a few weeks ago.

Noah doesn’t reply to Ginny’s text, so she has Eliot track his phone, and the two go find him performing at a restaurant. Ginny’s super impressed, so they decide to have a drink. Their date goes really well, and Ginny talks about how her dad taught her to endure all that was thrown at her, while Noah talks about becoming a billionaire. He had five different companies where people looked out for him, and he just let them take over. He realized he had to stand up for himself, so he started playing music and started a new company. This makes Ginny realize that she needs to take control of her life.

Ginny winds up taking Noah home. At the same time, Mike sees Rachel’s segment on Ginny, decides he wants to be with Rachel and shows up at her door.

The next morning, Noah says he wants to go on vacation with Ginny during her upcoming break. “You come on really strong,” Ginny says. She’s never been anywhere, so he says they should go everywhere. At the same time, Mike asks Rachel if he messed things up with her fiance when he showed up at her house. She says no. She never really loved him. He offers her a ticket to his game, but she says it’s not a good idea and she has to go back to LA. It’s pretty sad. Then, of course, Noah and Mike end up in the same elevator in the hotel.

Later, the whole team sees pictures of Ginny’s date. Ginny apologizes to Mike for having to see them, but he just brushes it off.

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Ginny Finds Out About Will

Evelyn tells Amelia that there’s money missing from the restaurant fund. She doesn’t want to confront Will or tell Ginny, but Amelia says she’ll handle it.

So Amelia tells Will that she knows there’s money missing in the funds. She gives him an ultimatum: he has to tell Ginny or she will.

Evelyn also tells Blip about Will, but she caught the problem in time so they didn’t lose any money. Blip says he’s relieved this happened because he never liked the idea of a restaurant and wants to have another kid soon. Evelyn, though, says she needs to do something for herself and she’s done having kids. She wants to open the restaurant without Will. Blip thinks it’s a bad idea, but Evelyn says he needs to support her the way she’s supported him, and they wind up having a huge fight.

Later, Ginny hangs out with Will, and he says that Amelia has a vendetta against him. She thinks there’s money missing from the account and demanded that Will tell Ginny he was stealing from her. Ginny knows he’s lying and demands to know what’s going on. He got into some trouble and swears he’ll pay her back. She tells him she’s out of the restaurant deal and he needs to go home and figure his life out. Once he does, she’ll support him. “When I do, I won’t need your support,” he says.

Later, Ginny confronts Amelia over interfering with Will after she asked her to stay out of her family business. Amelia says that if Ginny goes down, everything she represents will go down too. Ginny says that she’d be in exactly the same place, but happier, without Amelia there. Amelia says she won’t take Ginny’s behavior much longer. “Then don’t,” Ginny says, and Amelia leaves.

Mike and Blip Face Off

Mike tells Al that he thinks he lost the team’s respect. Even Blip’s mad at him for the way he made his deal with the Cubs. He always ruins a good thing. Al says he’s a good guy and he knew Mike wanted to stay. The Cubs made him feel young and distracted him while he was weak, but he came back. That’s what matters. Plus, the Cubs will never win.

Throughout the episode, though, Blip ignores Mike and gives him the cold shoulder. Eventually, during the game, Blip and Mike get into a huge fight.

Will Ginny Finish Her Game?

Pitch catches up to the present and Ginny starts the game. And fans get more and more excited as she pitches her no-hitter.

Oscar gets more and more anxious about Ginny overdoing it, though. They had struck a deal that she’d pitch limited innings, so he calls Al and tells him to take her out. Ginny refuses, though, and Al doesn’t fight her. However, she gets more tired after that and her pitches get weak.

So Mike runs out and admits that they were awkward. She knows he’s distracting her and gearing up for a big speech, but she says she doesn’t need him, her father, her brother, her agent or a billionaire. She’s the one pitching and she’s in control. She doesn’t want to talk about how awkward they were. They are teammates and she just wants to finish her no-hitter. She starts pitching again and does better than ever. And Rachel even shows up at the game.

Suddenly, though, Ginny’s on the ground. She hurt her arm and has to be taken out. Oscar was right all along. Amelia, meanwhile, watches what happened while she’s leaving at the airport, but she still gets on her plane. Eventually, Ginny has to get an MRI.

Do you think Ginny will be able to play next season? Will Amelia and Ginny, Ginny and Will, Mike and Blip, and Evelyn and Blip all forgive each other? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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