He may have spent his first few weeks in General Hospital hiding behind a mask, but actor Jason Gerhardt is very happy to be part of the highly-watched daytime drama series.

Gerhardt started acting when he was an elementary student in Nebraska. He won the role of “The Claus” in his school’s production of The North Pole Goes Rock-n-Roll, but subsequently put his acting on hold in order to pursue his other interests. He rediscovered his passion for the performing arts when he was an accounting student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He joined the school’s gospel choir and began to do some modeling and commercial acting.

Gerhardt’s big break came when he tried out for a role on General Hospital. In an interview with Soaps.com, he recounted the audition process that launched his television career. “I originally auditioned for the role of Logan… They didn’t think I was right for the role of Logan, but one of the writers had the idea to turn the role of “Three” into a long term character. The next day they called my manager, Anthony Barnao, offered me the role and needed an answer within a few hours! It was definitely intense but, as an actor, it’s what you want – continued opportunities.”

“Three” is the alias of Cooper Barrett, one of James Craig’s cohorts during the hostage crisis, who falls in love with Maxi, the commissioner’s daughter. Maxi is played by actress Kirsten Storms, and when asked how his wife was handling his love scenes with Storms, Gerhardt replied, “My wife is an amazing woman. We’ve known that this was part of the business and talked about it a lot before hand and continue to do so. I treasure the trust that my wife and I have built up.”

Gerhardt’s character was introduced during in the middle of February sweeps, and the young actor claimed that the “opportunity couldn’t have been better” for him. He also said that his co-stars have been very welcoming, which has made going to work more enjoyable.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Soaps.com
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