The Winchester brothers have faced all sorts of demons and ghouls on Supernatural, but nothing has tested their relationship quite like the trials they’ve experienced in season 3.  Since coming back from the dead at the end of last year, Sam (Jared Padalecki) has been acting like a cold-blooded killer, dispatching evildoers without his usual sense of guilt or remorse.  In a recent interview with Cult Times Magazine, Jared Padalecki talked about how much fun it is to play evil, and also teased a rift between the Winchesters that we may see before the end of the season.

One of the things Supernatural creator Eric Kripke wanted to explore this year was the dark side of Sam. “This season it’s certainly delving a lot more into Sam’s past and Sam’s troubles and story,” Padalecki pointed out.  “It’s sort of asking, ‘Is he completely normal, is he not?  Is he human, is he not?  Is he evil, is he good?’  So it’s definitely got darker and in my opinion more exciting, because I’m really into that and going there.”

Playing evil is something that the actor has a little bit of experience with, but he’s never been able to let loose with Sam the way he has this year.  “I love it,” Padalecki admitted.  “I had a chance in the second season where I was doing a show called ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’ where Sam is possessed by a demon, and that was a lot of fun to make.  This isn’t as intense obviously, but it’s fun to flip it around and play the bad guy, so I’m excited about it.”

One shocker that Supernatural fans may want to prepare for is a secret about Sam’s origins.  Is he really the nice Winchester boy that we always thought he was?  Or a Winchester at all?  Padalecki says, “Sam’s almost been scared himself that he’s not all human, and we find out this season what Sam’s relationship was like with his dad beyond what we know, and if his dad really was his dad and if Dean really was his brother.”

As for the rest of the season, it sounds like fans can look forward to a rift developing between Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles), possibly due to Sam’s dark ways.  “Two and a half years we’ve been building up to Sam’s return to the dark side,” Padalecki teases, “and asking questions about what’s going to happen if he does, and what’s going to happen if Dean gets in trouble.  Also, what’s going to happen if they turn against each other, if these brothers who have been fighting for each other for so long actually start fighting each other? It’s something that I can’t wait to happen so I think the fans are going to be really excited to watch it.”

– Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Cult Times Magazine
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