Deathstorm is coming to The Flash. The alternate universe (and evil) version of Ronnie Raymond will appear in the episode 13 of the current season of The Flash called, “Welcome to Earth-2”. If the actor, Robbie Amell, can be trusted, it looks like the “death” part of his character’s title will be literal. There is a very real possibility that “Welcome to Earth-2” could see the end of a beloved character on The Flash

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Robbie Amell was at the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey, when he spoke about his return to The Flash. reports that Amell said of the appearance “In episode 13, so in a couple weeks, you’ll see me as Deathstorm, and Caitlin as Killer Frost. So I get to come back, and I kill a series regular. So there’s that, I’m probably going to get in trouble for saying that.” As far as spoilers and teases go this about as unambiguous as you can get. There’s reason to think though that this might not be as big as a spoiler as it seems. 

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The title of the episode “Welcome to Earth-2” more than suggests that the episode will take place on that alternate Earth. So when Amell speaks about killing off a series regular it’s more than possible that the actor won’t be playing “our” character. Instead it could be an Earth-2 version of a previously established character. It might even be Barry Allen himself, which would be a very cool way for The Flash to establish Deathstorm by having him kill of an alternate version of our hero.

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The only “real” series regular that is somewhat likely to die might be Teddy Sears’ Jay Garrick. It would be an odd choice on The Flash‘s part, since they’ve only yet begun to explore the character. The Flash did reveal in the episode “Potential Energy” that Jay is sick and may already be dying. Plus, Deathstorm could have some resentment towards Jay for being The Flash of his world and currently dating an alternate version of his wife. It’s highly unlikely but it is possible.

But what do you think? Did Robbie Amell drop a bombshell of a spoiler? Or is it more a misleading tease? Who do you think the series regular will be that Deathstorm kills? Are you looking forward to the trip to Earth-2? Do you think there is any chance that Jay Garrick could die?

The Flash season 2 airs Tuesdays at 8pm on The CW.

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