This morning I had the pleasure of chatting with Brandon Dumlao, the first male dancer to be eliminated from season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance. As we all know, Brandon’s time on So You Think You Can Dance was criminally short, he spent a day and a half in the Top 20 before being eliminated. But it turns out, we’re all a lot angrier about that than Brandon himself. He sees his short lived time on season 6 of So You Think You Can Dance as a blessing, and hopefully, only a preview of what’s to come for season 7.

Brandon chatted all about his whirlwind Top 20 experience, dancing with his old Vegas week partner Pauline, and just in time for Halloween, the scariest parts of his Top 20 experience.

On His Whirlwind Top 20 Timeline:

“I got the call on Friday at 11am in the morning. And they told me that I was able to replace another dancer. And I got on the plane two hours later, and it was an hour flight. I landed got picked up went to the studio found out that Pauline was my partner and went straight to the studio. The taping was Sunday late afternoon. It was crazy but it was such an amazing experience.”

On Russell Being in the Bottom Four With Him:

“I was so surprised, because Russell was of course a fan favorite and the judges love him too. I felt when his name was announced, I kind of knew I was going home.”

His Thoughts On His Elimination:

“The guys are so talented. For me, myself, I didn’t think it was fair to take another guys spot. Because everyone earned it and I want to earn it myself. So I am hoping they will let me come back for Season 7.”

On The Possibility of Coming Back for Season 7:

“I really thought that was my only chance to be in the Top 20, so for him to propose that for me , that’s really crazy. Right after I got cut, I signed up for more ballroom and hip hop classes.”

On His Partner Pauline Mata:

“She is so amazing. We got cut together last season in the green mile. She’s a really sick dancer, and she’s not just a jazz dancer, she knows how to do hip hop. I really feel like she is Top 10 material. I think she could win and that she should represent for all Filipinos.”

On the Three Scariest Things About His Top 20 Experience.

1. Getting the Call. Because I had no idea what to do, I still wasn’t unpacked from Green Mile. It
2. Finding out my partner.
3. Finding Out How Many hours we had left to rehearse for the piece

Brandon was nothing but gracious and grateful about his time on So You Think You Can Dance. We’re sad to see him go, but we’ll be rooting for Brandon during season 7.

–Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Abbey Simmons

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