Bridget Marquardt may be one of Hugh Hefner’s three live-in girlfriends, but this doesn’t mean the 34-year-old vixen isn’t tied to somebody else.  Apparently, Marquardt, who appears in E!’s The Girls Next Door, is still married and is entertaining the possibility of a reconciliation.

“Well, I am in the process of getting divorced.  But we are good friends and we’ve been good friends and he was totally supportive of me coming to L.A,” Bridget Marquardt told Star magazine last month.  “There was just never any reason to make it final.  We were good friends.  Maybe we’ll get back together.”

However, she stressed that at this time, she is satisfied with her relationship with Hefner, Playboy magazine publisher and co-creator of The Girls Next Door.  She also said that the 81-year-old business mogul is aware of her marriage.

“I’m happy doing this — I have a relationship with Hef now,” Marquardt said.  “[My husband and I] still talk on the phone.  Hef’s known from the start…  I’m 33, so if I hadn’t have been married, I’d be feeling like an old maid right now!  Because I’ve been there and done that, I feel like, no hurry!”

Bridget Marquardt had always wanted to grace the pages of Playboy, but had to endure several failed attempts before she could do so.  When she moved to Los Angeles in 2001, she found herself amidst numerous career opportunities and attending several parties at the Playboy mansion.  She became friends with a number of Hefner’s girlfriends.

Early in 2002, Hefner asked Marquardt out on a date, and things quickly progressed from there. She soon found herself living in the Playboy mansion and now stars, along with Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison, on The Girls Next Door.

Hefner has been very vocal about his strong feelings for Madison, telling the media that she is his favorite girlfriend.  In the interview with Star Magazine, Marquardt revealed that Hefner has actually banked his sperm for Madison, who wants to get pregnant once the other girls leave the mansion.  However, Hef will not change diapers “unless they make him do it.  He already said, ‘I’m not going to be raising the kid, it’ll be your thing.’”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Star Magazine
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