In just seven weeks LOST will end its third season with a two hour finale that promises to deliver the series’ biggest twists and turns ever.  The bad news is, LOST fans will be waiting as many as nine months for new material to follow.  Will a fan base as demanding for input as the LOST crowd seems to be, nine months might as well be an eternity.  What, if anything, does ABC have planned to keep LOST fans interested?

After the critical lashing of last year’s ‘The Lost Experience’, it would appear that ABC is not considering venturing into the online game category.   This doesn’t mean that LOST fans won’t have anything to keep them busy, however.

For one thing, there is UBISoft’s LOST video game, scheduled for release in mid 2007.  The game is built around Ubisoft’s famous first person shooter technology and will allow players to experience first hand some of the shows more famous locations, as well as explore never before seen areas of the island.  There is no solid confirmation of what the plot of the game will be, but Executive Producer Carlton Cuse told us early last month that the game would in no way infringe upon the story line of the show.

For those who just want another look, there is the LOST Season Three DVD set which will be released in late September.  LOST has become quite well known for producing intriguing boxed sets for its earlier seasons, and Season Three should be no exception.  The typical deleted scenes, behind the scenes footage, and blooper reels will be included, as well as a sneak peek at the fore mentioned video game.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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