It would seem from the episode title of this week’s How to Get Away with Murder, “Meet Bonnie,” that we would get to know one of the more enigmatic members of the Keating team a little bit better. Not only did we find out a harrowing truth about Bonnie and why her loyalty to Annalise is so fierce, we might also have found out if that loyalty was pushed to its breaking point, three weeks into the future. 

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The Tangled Webs We Weave 

Three weeks earlier we now see that Bonnie and Asher are also present at Hapstall Manor and are leaving the crime scene in Bonnie’s car. It begs the question, did they kill Annalise? Were they there before the Keating Fab Four? Is Asher finally more involved this time around?

In present day, Asher is in court with Emily Sinclaire attempting to get him to testify against Annalise in order for him to get his shady past wiped clean from his records. 

Later, he meets up with Bonnie who tells him that she was the one who killed Sam because he was trying to force himself on her and that Ms. Sinclaire is wrong about Annalise. You know, your usual cup of emotional blackmail. Bonnie then tells Frank and Annalise what she told Asher in order to save them all. Asher then comes to the house to confront Annalise and ask if what Bonnie said was true. Annalise tells him that he can testify against them all and send her and Bonnie to jail, or he can keep quiet and keep them all safe. Asher of course then rushes back to court to tell Emily Sinclaire and his dad that he knows who killed Sam Keating. 

Asher’s father advises him to keep quiet, while Asher tries to see if his new testimony can grant him further immunity in the trial of Sam Keating. (He’s a real keeper this one.)

Asher stalls with signing any deal with Sinclaire and goes to Bonnie once more to hear the whole “truth.” He asks Bonnie if Frank helped her dispose of Sam’s body and Bonnie confirms that he did. When he asks if the others are in on it as well, she tells him no and that it’s just Annalise, Frank and her. He then thanks her for telling him the “truth” – ha! 

In Frank We Trust

After being tasked by Annalise to find out what Wes is hiding, Frank discovers his relationship with Levi and informs Annalise about Levi’s connection to both Wes and Michaela. 

Annalise then meets with Nate and tells him what Nia, his wife, actually wanted her to do, and tells him that she just wants them to be open with one another. Annalise, wanting Nate to confirm his relationship with Wes, receives no admission from Nate … yet.

Keating Five Troubles 

At court, Asher discovers that his dad went ahead and secured a deal protecting himself before he did anything for Asher. At the bar with Emily Sinclaire, Asher who still hasn’t signed a deal, is told by Sinclaire that he should be “one of the good guys” and not like Annalise. 

Back at the Keating House, Connor is told by Annalise that his behavior is unacceptable and that she misses the man who won the trophy on their first day. In his paranoia about being sent to jail, he confesses to Oliver that he loves him and that he might be sent to jail, but doesn’t divulge why. 

At the trial for the Hapstall siblings (oh right, that’s still happening) Annalise’s use of illegal evidence allows the judge to rule that the testimony given by their deceased aunt can still be used. Despite the racist vitriol that was being spewed by said dead aunt. Emily Sinclaire – 1, Annalise Keating – Nill.

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In Frank We Trust, II

When Wes and Levi confront Frank’s connection at the graveyard, Levi gets too heated and pulls a gun on him. 

At the Keating House Michaela, Connor, and Laurel all gang up on Bonnie in hopes of forcing her to tell them what’s going on with Asher and the trial for Sam. Annalise rightfully reads them all down, and tells them that Bonnie has admitted to Asher that she killed Sam to protect them all, once again, just like she has and continues to do. She also informs them that Asher was willing to testify against all of them. However, in her office, Annalise tells Frank and Bonnie that they are quickly losing. But Frank reassures her that he has Levi and Wes under control and that Bonnie has Asher under control….hmmm right.

Annalise talks to Wes to try and see if he will be honest with her, but he lies and hides his actions with Nate and Levi. Annalise then goes to Nate and confronts him about Wes. Nate tells her that Wes came to him because he believes Annalise is responsible for Rebecca’s death. Annalise tells Nate that she didn’t kill Rebecca, and that Bonnie killed Sam. She says she’s just been trying to protect everyone, and he demands why she hasn’t tried to protect him. She tells him she has by hiring Eve … also, she got you your job back so relax with the demands.

Connor, Michaela, and Laurel spy on Wes and find him with Levi. Wes tells them all that Levi is Eggs 911. Which understandably grosses out Michaela and upsets Connor and Laurel. Wes tells them all that Rebecca is dead and that he stole Frank’s key to prove it. Just as they are about to all head out to uncover what the key holds, the police show up and arrest Levi for drug possession, never mind that this is clearly a set-up by our favorite member of the Keating squad. 

The Fab Four then head to the storage unit associated with the key, and when they unlock it they see the suitcase which Frank used to transport Rebecca’s dead body. However, because this is How to Get Away with Murder and Frank is a professional, when they open the suitcase they just find a ton of money. Laurel, Connor, and Michaela are fed up with Wes and his goose chase, leaving Wes looking like the neighborhood whacko with his crazy conspiracy theories. 

It turns out that Frank planted the storage key knowing Wes would steal it. He also planted the drugs in Levi’s car and called the cops on him. You have to hand it to him, Frank gets the job done.

Bonnie’s Harrowing Past and Uncertain Future

Asher and Bonnie meet again at seemingly the only bar in town, Bonnie confesses that she loves him and were he to testify against her, not only would she get hurt, but so would many others. Asher tells Bonnie that because he loves her,he is going to testify against her … I don’t understand his logic. 

A sobbing Bonnie tells Annalise that Asher is going to testify against them and begs her to blame everything on her. Annalise then goes to Asher and shows him a horrific video of a young Bonnie being sexually molested by her father. 

Flash forward three weeks, and we see Bonnie and Asher pull into a gas station where Bonnie cleans off the blood from her arms and torso. When she comes back to the car, Asher has fled and is at the police station giving a statement. Damn it Asher, you had one job.

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