How to Get Away with Murder comes back in the second episode of the season with yet another huge reveal in it’s final moments. It’s another high octane episode with Annalise and the team in and out of court. It’s crazy that these kids even have time to go to law school with all the overtime they pull working for Annalise. 
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The Arraignment of the Hapstall Siblings

Continuing in what is now How to Get Away with Murder’s signature back and forth in time story telling, the episode opens with a flash forward of the Hapstall mansion two months later, only this time, joining Wes and a bleeding Annalise, are the rest of the usual suspects, Michaela, Laurel, and Connor. The flash forward ends with Connor telling Annalise that everything was her fault. 

In present day, the police bring Caleb and Catherine Hapstall for separate questioning without the presence of their lawyer, and just as Catherine looks about ready to spill the beans, Annalise, Frank, and Bonnie swoop in and save the day … for now. Annalise questions Catherine and Caleb about their whereabouts on the night of their aunt’s murder. Catherine lies on behalf of her brother and protects his secret. 

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Asher go to the Hapstall home and speak to the chief of staff. While there, they find out that on the night of their parent’s murder, Caleb had ordered all of the staff to take the night off. 

While Bonnie and Asher are at the house, Frank and Laurel pick up the evidence collected by the police in the Hapstall’s aunt’s murder case, only to find that Caleb’s DNA has been collected at the scene of the crime.

The team has a meeting where Wes volunteers to act as “the puppy” in order to get Catherine to tell the truth of her brother’s whereabouts, despite Michaela and Connor’s rejection of the idea. Annalise tells him to go ahead with it. Outside of their meeting, Connor and Michaela, having been told off by Annalise to not show up to Nate’s trial, run into a mystery man who asks for Michaela’s number, but she rebuffs him.

Wes goes into Catherine’s interrogation room and does his innocent puppy routine, but she is onto him. After Wes urges her to tell the truth, she finally gives in. Bonnie and Wes then go into Caleb’s interrogation room where Bonnie is able to manipulate him into confirming the truth and admitting his innocence. 

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The Trial of Nate Lahey

Before Nate’s trial, Annalise and Eve meet in Annalise’s car, where she makes sure that Nate is going along with her plan and stating that he was the one that fought with Sam on the night of his death. 

In court, the DA, Ms. Emily Sinclaire, accuses Eve and Annalise of having a relationship and accuses Nate of having killed Sam together with Annalise. Eve is able to throw the DA off of her scent and regroups with Nate before heading back in the court room. 

When Annalise takes the stand in Nate’s trial, (with Michaela, Connor, and Wes watching on) the DA begins a personal attack on Annalise. The DA brings up Nate’s wife (who has terminal cancer) which causes Annalise to have a small breakdown in the ladies’ room moments later. 

After coming back to take the stand and after continuously being attacked by Ms. Sinclaire, Annalise finally delivers a terrific read down to the DA accusing her of carrying on a witch hunt for Annalise instead of a preliminary trial for Nate. This leads the DA to state that Annalise’s temper is definitely indicative of someone capable of murder. When Ms. Sinclaire finally asks Annalise who she thinks killed her husband, she names Nate. 

Nate, hurt and clearly upset, tells Eve that he refuses to go along with Annalise’s plan and questions Eve’s loyalty to him as her client. When they are back in the court room, Eve attacks Annalise on the stand in a very personal manner, accusing Annalise of planting Nate’s fingerprints herself and having used him only as an alibi, clearly upsetting both of them.

The following day in court, the presiding judge throws out Nate’s case due to the DA’s inability of forming a coherent case against Nate and instead focuses on defaming Annalise. 

A Night of Confrontations 

Back at Annalise’s house, the team has to stay up all night in order to prepare for the Hapstall sibling’s arraignment in the morning. When Oliver shows up to drop off house keys to Connor, Asher unintentionally reveals to Oliver that Connor has shared his HIV positive result with the group which upsets Oliver and he leaves.

Annalise comes back to the house after Nate’s trial visibly upset after being accused of planting Nate’s fingerprints. This gives Michaela the idea that the police must have done the same with Caleb’s DNA. 

Later that night, Bonnie and Annalise argue with Annalise complaining that she is always needing her to clean up Bonnie’s messes. Bonnie then tries to have Annalise understand that she needs her and that she truly did kill Rebecca to help Annalise. This prompts Annalise to state that they all need to be saved from her, and that Bonnie should be locked away to keep them safe. 

At Connor and Oliver’s apartment, Connor wants Oliver to tell him how he got AIDS, and when he discovers that Oliver contracted it after a night out drinking due to his breaking up with Oliver, he feels responsible and guilty.

Back at the Keating home, Eve comes over to apologize for the trial and her personal assault at Annalise and admits that it happened because she still has feelings for her. Annalise tells Eve that she was the best thing that ever happened to her and the two strike up their romantic relationship again. 

The Next Day

After spending the night together, Eve leaves Annalise’s house in the morning, where a spying Nate Lahey spots her and uncovers their secret relationship.

At the arraignment of the Hapstall siblings, Annalise presents the two documents by the police department, one tampered with and one original, which wins them the case and the trust of the siblings. Annalise warns them to be truthful with her from here on out. 

Back at Wes’ apartment, he walks by Rebecca’s old belongings in the hallway and comes across a photo with her and two strangers, one of whom is the mystery man that approached Michaela in the courthouse, and with whom Michaela is currently playing pool with. EGGS911 anyone?

Finally, Asher meets up with Ms. Sinclaire once more to tell her that he is no longer going to be her mole, to which she responds by saying to him that he should tell the others that she is the new prosecutor on the Hapstall case. 

Flash forward two months later, and we are back at the Hapstall manor where the gang is surrounding Annalise, and as they run past her and out of the house, we see the dead body of one, Ms. Emily Sinclaire. 

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10PM on ABC.

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