“Lord this family, I swear.” Cookie Lyon was shaking her head at her family’s latest drama in the season 3 premiere of Empire, “Light in Darkness,” and it’s safe to say everyone watching at home was too. The show picked up right where we left off, on Hakeem and Laura’s (turned Lucious and Anika’s) wedding day, and it was only a matter of moments before we found out if Rhonda or Anika was the Lyon who fell to her death.

A Child is Born For Us Today

After no one in the Lyon family would believe Rhonda’s theory that Anika was the one who pushed her down the stairs (and to be fair, it is hard to get behind a murder theory based solely on Louboutins) she took matters into her own hands and attacked Anika on the roof. The revenge plan backfired and Rhonda fell to her bloody death. As a result, an angry Andre grabbed Anika and sent her into early labor. The whole family headed to the hospital, except for a heartbroken Hakeem who threw himself at Tiana, to meet the heir to the Lyon dynasty. Lucious did what all supportive husbands do when their wives are giving birth, he threatened to kill her if she didn’t lie to the police about Rhonda and continue to dodge the feds. Despite telling Lucious that she was expecting a boy, Anika gave birth to a girl, which did not make Lucious (the step-father and grandfather to the child) very happy. A girl as the heir to Empire? The horror.

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Family Matters

While baby Bella might be Anika’s pride and joy, no one else in the Lyon family seems too excited or concerned about their latest addition. Lucious was too busy worrying about the feds and pitching his new streaming service to guest-stars Birdman and French Montana. (Am I the only one who had Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons flashbacks when they saw French back on TV?) Meanwhile, Cookie was doing her best to get over Lucious marrying Anika (how great was it seeing her cut her evil ex out of family pictures?) and Hakeem and Jamal went back to focusing on music.

However, the Lyons always make time for family, especially when the need to manipulate someone. The family threw a dinner to try to convince Lucious’ half-brother and FBI agent Tarqi that Lucious and Anika’s marriage was legit. Despite moving Anika into the Lyon manor and sharing a kiss at the table, Tarqi did not seem impressed and Cookie put an end to the dinner in true Cookie fashion – asking him if he wanted a to-go plate.

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Jamal the Activist

We last saw Jamal in a wheelchair and claiming he quit music for good, but it did not take long for him to be standing back on stage. In rehearsal, we learned he was planning to perform a new song about the tragic shootings in the U.S. with mentions to Orlando, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and more. However, when it was time for him to perform in front of a crowd, he had PTSD from his accident and Hakeem had to pull him off the stage. Much to Lucious’ dismay (is this man ever happy?) Nessa, and her beautiful vocals, quickly took over and the attention went from the Lyons to an outsider.

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Help me, Rhonda

After Cookie tells Lucious that she is done with him, at least romantically, we are treated to a flashback scene where young Cookie was admiring Lucious from afar despite her friends warning her he was “trouble” (talk about the understatement of the century.) Back in the present day, Andre is haunted by the ghost of his late wife; perhaps because they did not throw her a funeral? Seriously, Rhonda could still be on the streets for all we know. If one thing is clear, Andre is not going to get over losing his wife, or that he did not stand by her after she accused Anika, anytime soon. And Tarqi is going to catch the Lyons lying real quick if no one discovers the camera he has hidden in a teddy bear in baby Bella’s nursery.

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