When the fourth season of How I Met Your Mother wrapped up, we were left with several cliffhangers, including one that revolves around the most important plot of the series: The mother! The writers toyed with this storyline as future Ted tells the story of how he pulled an all-nighter working on a pitch in an attempt to bring business to his fledgling architecture firm and eventually accepts the professor job at the University where he will meet the mother of his children. While that’s all reassuring, the cliffhanger involving Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders) was far more interesting. Because by the end of the season, Barney professed his love for Robin and despite their complicated feelings for each other, they still ended up kissing.

So where do Robin and Barney stand now? That’s a question all How I Met Your Mother fans are dying to find out and series co-creator Carter Bays sheds light on what’s in store for these two fan-favorites in the fifth season.

“[The Leap] I think, kicks the door down for the Barney and Robin romance,” Bays told the Star-Ledger. “We have some ideas. Our big challenge as writers is ‘What would that be like?’ We have some ideas of that would be like. Obviously, it won’t be as easy as they’re just boyfriend/girlfriend now.”

Of course, going into season 4, Barney always knew that he had strong feelings for Robin, who, on the other hand, remains a bit of a mystery when it comes to how she really feels about the show’s resident playboy.

“Robin’s journey was a little more internal. We didn’t explore it as much as Barney’s. It was like leaving it a mystery where Robin stands. That’s what made it exciting, not knowing what the answer would be. We still kind of don’t know what the answer is. I like the ambiguity of, ‘On what level is she saying that she doesn’t want to be in a relationship or she does?’ I like that we decided to give ourselves season five to explore that,” he explained.

It seems that season 5 will definitely put the spot light on Barney and Robin’s budding romance. But does this mean that we’ve seen the last of Barney trying to seduce other women? According to Bays, that won’t be the case.

“I think you sort of established where Barney stands with this in the first episode of the season. It’s the scorpion and the toad. There will always be a part of him that’s a flirt. It’ll be about him trying to reconcile the two parts of himself,” he said.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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