How I Met Your Mother exhibits some very Seinfeld-ian story qualities now and again, and tonight was one of those times where a very small matter was turned into an entire episode.  The episode centered around one very simple, universal occurrence: when someone you are close to has an annoying habit or behavior that you don’t notice until someone else points it out to you.  It’s happened to all of us.  Everyone has annoying traits, everyone gets annoyed by other people’s annoying traits.  On How I Met Your Mother tonight, the annoyance parade was kicked off by Ted’s new girlfriend, who Ted briefly thought was perfect.  He was very wrong in that assessment.

Prior to taking her out to dinner to meet the gang for the first time, Ted tells everyone why they’ll like her.  Ted is convinced they’ll all love his new girlfriend.  They go out to dinner, and Ted senses something from his friends that is tantamount to dislike.  The next day, he asks what was wrong.  Nobody likes her at all, but no one will tell Ted why, because they know he’ll start noticing it and also not like her.  After incessant whining, Marshall finally tells Ted what’s wrong with his girlfriend: she talks WAAAAY too much.  Once Ted notices this, it’s over.  He can’t stand her.  But this kicks off a chain of events: Ted tells Marshall about Lily’s loud chewing which he’d never noticed before.  Lily tells Robin about Ted’s habit of correcting everyone all the time on everything.  Robin tells everyone about Marshall singing about things he’s doing (like balancing his checkbook).  And, everyone lets Barney know about his annoying traits (high-pitched voice, lame catch phrases, and the ability to completely zone out of conversations).

The B story was about Marshall getting the results to his BAR exam.  He forgets the password to pick it up electronically when the scores are released, but eventually remembers it. 

The episode was one of the funnier ones of the season, I thought, and there wasn’t all that much gimmickry going on, which was a nice change of pace.  Robin continues her streak of being funnier than she’s ever been before.  I like the new funny Robin.  No ongoing story line anywhere to be seen, just a nice little one-off episode.

Top 5 Funniest Quotes of the Night

#5 –  “She’s a keeper.  Just keep her somewhere else.” – Robin

#4 – “You can’t imagine the rush you get out of killing an unwanted puppy.”  – Ted’s Girlfriend

#3 – “It sounds like someone put a screwdriver in a pencil sharpener, but in a cute way.” – Robin

#2 – “It’s a video of a dog pooping on a baby.” – Barney

#1 – “Why do you think I call her Chewbacca?”   – Ted

“I assume because she’s loyal, wears shiny belts and I resemble a young Harrison Ford.” – Marshall

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV