Is there anything worse than finding out that your friends hate something about you while you remained oblivious to the whole thing?  Good thing on How I Met Your Mother, there’s interventions.  Their first intervention came when they attended their friend Stuart’s birthday party, which actually ended up being a meeting to get him to quit drinking.  Ted and his friends took it from there, staging interventions every time they didn’t like something someone in the group did from Marshall wearing a tall hat to Lily’s fake British accent to Robin’s spray tan obsession.  None were ever too serious though, until the day that Ted came across an intervention banner and letter addressed to him, regarding his friends’ strong feelings that he shouldn’t rush into marriage with Stella.

I should mention, before continuing tonight’s recap, that once again Neil Patrick Harris stole the episode.  His intervention, in which his friends wanted him to stop using magic tricks involving fire, was laugh out loud funny.  He also spent most of the episode in an old many costume, in an attempt to prove to his friends that he could sleep with a 22 year old, even though he looked 83.

Moving on…

So one might think that this anti-marriage intervention would make Ted angry but instead, it validates all the fears he’s been having and he decides that he doesn’t want to leave Manhattan after all.  He literally begins unpacking his boxes and putting things away.  This prompts Marshall and Lily to unpack THEIR things, feeling that their best times have been in this apartment.  Who would want to live in a place with crooked floors near a sewage plant anyway?  Just when you think that Robin won’t crack, she does and decides that she can’t go to Japan after all for her news anchor job.

The four head down to the bar to celebrate when they witness a disturbing site: old Barney making out with a hot young French woman.  Ted delivers an inspirational speech telling everyone that they SHOULD move on with their lives and one year from tonight, meet up again and celebrate with a $2500 bottle of scotch, the most expensive item on the shelf.  They do reconvene one year later but it seems that even though their lives have changed, the friends are still in Manhattan and in each other’s lives full time.

– Gina Scarpa, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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Gina Scarpa

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