On tonight’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, we watched Lily and Marshall buy an apartment.  This was inevitable, I suppose, but now we have our five leads living in four different apartments.  Either Robin or Barney are going to have to move in with Ted.  We all know Barney isn’t likely to leave his Fortress of Solitude, so the smart money’s on Robin.  I actually like that idea; it could create an interesting dynamic between the two ex-flames.  But, regardless, tonight’s apartment purchase by Lily and Marshall looks to be permanent and was the event which the entire episode was centered around.

Pretty much nothing else happened.  Lily and Marshall decide to buy an apartment, they find one (their Realtor is the same actress who played Janis on Friends) and, in the process of applying for a loan, Lily is outed as having massive credit card debt, stemming from excess clothes spending.  They have a fight, they make up, and decide to go through with the apartment purchase anyway.  Barney has sex with a Stage-5 clinger in Marshall and Lily’s future apartment, pretending it’s his own.  He leaves the girl the next morning while she’s in the shower. 

Marshall and Lily’s strength as a couple is reinforced, as is Barney’s not-so-secret obsession with those two as a perfect couple.  It wasn’t as funny an episode as most, but it still had its chuckles here and there.  Story-heavy episodes like this one tend to be lighter on the laughs, which is why I tend to enjoy the non-plot essential episodes more than ones like tonight.  We did get to see Jason Segal on the drums for the first time since Freaks and Geeks, which was nice.

With the writers’ strike here, I wonder how many episodes of How I Met Your Mother they have in the can.  I only hope that we reach the the next slap, as indicated by slapcountdown.com.  I’m guessing that episode’s already been filmed, since it’s only two weeks away. 

Five Best Quotes of the Night:

“Imagine the heads of two Irish babies…” – Barney

“Bring me the comically large bottle of champagne!” – Marshall

“My sisters taught me to bake and to listen.” – Barney

“Marshall stood here, yelling and eating, eating and yelling.” – Future Ted

“There’s a reason your name is Robin, not Batman.” – Ted 

-Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer
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Oscar Dahl

Senior Writer, BuddyTV