It may be the best night ever for Marshall and Lily but I’m not so sure if it qualifies as one of the best episodes this season on How I Met Your Mother. I must admit that there were times when all the couple stuff in this episode sounded too cheesy for my taste but overall, “The Sexless Innkeeper” sure offered a bunch of hilarious segments worth remembering.

In a few words, the episode was all about Lily and Marshall trying to find the perfect couple to double date with and for a brief moment, it looked like they found one in Barney and Robin. Unfortunately, some Gouda cheese, a waffle story, a talk of Vermont and a photo montage with Marshall singing in the background were not enough to keep Barney and Robin from dumping Lily and Marshall. After discovering that Marshall and Lily has moved on with another couple, though, a little jealousy set in and Barney and Robin eventually realized that they were wrong to blow them off. Meanwhile, Ted was working on how to transform himself from the “sexless innkeeper” to the guy who actually gets laid.

In the end, Barney, Robin, Lily and Marshall were all back in each others’ arms, literally. And Ted finally found a chick who actually dug his whole “professor” style. The best part though was seeing Barney’s reaction when a half-naked girl comes out of Ted’s room just as Ted says he “loves being single,” making Barney question himself if he made the right decision to be with Robin.

Next week on How I Met Your Mother: Barney tries to convince Robin to become an American citizen. But for now, I leave you with Marshall’s website,, which includes an elaborate version of Marshall’s song featuring guitar by Nuno Bettencourt (in a parody of the Extreme video).

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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Kris De Leon

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