The fourth season of the hit Fox drama House was dotted with many changes around the doctor’s life, starting with a search for a new team from scratch, and in the two-part season finale, Amber’s (Anne Dudek) death from accidental amantadine poisoning.  A lot of questions are still up in the air, for example, about what could happen after—or whether—House will finally patch things up with Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), and can only be answered when the show’s fifth season premieres this fall.

Hugh Laurie, who plays the title character, talked to TV Guide recently and gave his two cents on the surprise dramatic finale.

“[The producers] actually don’t know themselves.  They’re not as far ahead as they would like to be,” he said.  “You know all of us in any television series… I don’t imagine anybody who’s sort of got it planned out years in advance, because it simply doesn’t work that way.  Everyone’s trying to do a Rubik’s cube while falling off the stairs—that’s how it feels.  You’re chasing and rushing and trying to make sense of it all as you go along.”

He also revealed what would happen to the friendship between his character and his best friend Wilson.  “The beginning of the season is a very… House and Wilson reach a place they have not reached before,” he revealed.  “But the repair of that rift is an enjoyable thing to see, I hope.  You know, the lovers make up.”

He also expressed his excitement with working with a new team— played by Peter Jacobson, Kal Penn and Olivia Wilde—for the fourth season.  “They’re a fantastic bunch,” he said.  “And I think everybody, the writers included, felt that there were new possibilities to be explored, new combinations of people working together, new relationships, and a whole new matrix of possibilities, and I think it’s going to be absolutely terrific.”

Finally, with the new people in tow, would we get a kinder, gentler Gregory House in the fifth season, which will premiere on September 16 on Fox?  “Absolutely not,” Laurie deadpanned.  “You have my guarantee.”

-Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: TV Guide
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